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  1. "Why We Are Never Going Back To Sebring" - Some tales are too terrible to be told. This is one of them. (NOTE: Disclaimer included!)
  2. "How My Freedom Of Speech Got Me In Trouble" - What, again???

  1. "More And More From Our Strange Friend." -'s you-know-who... (Feb. 3)
  2. "Why Computers Sometimes Crash" - From our Other Voices section: a Dr. Seussian primer on technology. (Feb. 22)
  3. "Uncle Jack's Pep Talk For Songwriters And Artists (Chapter One)" - Heads up, students of the muse. Class is back in session! (Feb. 22)
  4. "Typical Letter To A Musician" - From Our Strange Friend (Will Campbell). Take heart, fellow musicmakers. You're not alone. (Feb. 22)
  5. "The Vulgarity Police" - The bleep you say...
  6. "Characters In Our Life" - The more, the merrier... (Feb. 26)

  1. "My Wife The Prodigy" - the truth about the Amazing Misty revealed! (March 6)
  2. "Annoying Email Forwards" - except the ones from Jack, of course... (March 6)
  3. "A Red Sovine and Stonewall Jackson Story" - "I hope this story's true because it's too beautiful to be a lie." (Shelley Berman) (March 6)
  4. "More About How My Freedom Of Speech Got Me Into Trouble" - an explanation revisited... (March 6)
  5. "Pervert Shocks City" - as if anything could anymore... (March 11)

  1. "Thinking About God" - Jack reaches a conclusion. (April 3)
  2. "Harry The Hipster" - Meet Mr. Gibson, the guy "who put the benzadrine in Mrs. Murphy's Ovaltine..." (April 3)
  3. "Sammy Petrillo" - An overlooked talent remembered... (April 4)
  4. "Foster Brooks" - "Don't laugh - you're next!" (April 5)
  5. "Everybody Loves A Clone" - why don't you? (April 18)
  6. "Concerning All The Talk About "Real" Country" (April 21)
  7. "The Singing Fetus"...gawd, wasn't that dancing baby on 'Ally McBeal' bad enough??? (April 23)
  8. "How We Feel About Reviews" - ...well, since you asked...(April 24)
  9. "Note To A Conservative Friend" - ...another frank explanation from our fearless leader. (April 28)
  10. "Why Do I Like Harry "The Hipster"?" - ...another frank explanation (and a bit of personal encounter history) from our fearless leader. (April 30)
  11. "H. O. Brunn and the Dixieland Jazz Crackers" - Someone who obviously followed Louis Armstrong's advice.
  12. The Email Weirdo - Some people just don't get it. This guy must be one of them...
  13. "The Animal Circuit" - been there, Jack, played it...hated it...
  14. "About Blacklists" - think about this the next time you wanna badmouth The Dixie Chicks...
  15. "Response To A Reader About Entertainers With Opinions" - see above.
  16. "Tampering With Music" - I've heard what Jack's done with a Tom Kennedy single...amazing!
  17. "Doctors vs. Lawyers" - Can we make it two falls out of three?
  18. "The Good Doctor" - HMOs be damned - we need more like these.
  19. "My Dreams and Ambitions" - these sound simple enough...
  20. "Curioser And Curioser" Jack discovers something he wasn't looking for.
  21. "There Must Be More To Life (The Story Behind The Song)" - Every song tells a story. Here's the story of this song...

  1. "The Cow Telephone"...reach out and milk someone...(May 1)
  2. "A Perfectly Sane Response to "The Cow Telephone""...from our friend Koyla Noble. Gary Larson, where are you when we need you? (May 1)
  3. "Trying To Look Hip" - it'd be like Jackie Gleason in a's just plain wrong. (May 1)
  4. "Sky Mice" - Out of the blue of the western sky... (May 2)
  5. "Old Birds (Revisited)" (May 4)
  6. "Progress Report" (May 7)
  7. "The Birdwalk Story" - An "Other Voices" feature. (May 9)
  8. "Obsessive-Propulsive" (May 12)
  9. "Fathers And Sons" (May 13)
  10. "Johnny And June" - In loving memory. (May 16)
  11. "Dumpster Diving" (May 20)
  12. "Our Old Friend Tommy" - No further comment needed. (May 20)
  13. "Mind Prisons" - A reader responds to Jack's newest song, "Steel Mill Town"...and Jack responds accordingly. (May 24)

  1. "A Tale Of Two Nitwits" - A cautionary tale if e'er there was one... (June 27)
  2. "A Do-It-Yourself Spam Filter That Works" Who needs fancy electronics when we have Uncle Jack? (June 29)

  1. "Don't Get Me Started About Life" Okay... what about Time and Newsweek? (July 1)
  2. "How We Got Together" - Well, this question had to be answered sooner or later. (July 2)
  3. "Moose Tracks On My Back" - It's Jack vs. ice cream...wonder who'll win? (July 4)
  4. "The Chili and Pie Diet" - no comment. (July 4)
  5. "Bethlehem Steel - The Story Behind The Song" - The story behind Jack and Misty's first single...and their new single. (July 4)
  6. "Selling America" - As usual, Jack's right... unfortunately. (With a special guest appearance by Millie, of "Ozy and Millie") (July 7)
  7. "Misty's Violent Crime" - We always knew Misty had it in her...or, she just plain had it...(July 10)

  1. "Advice To Politicians" (August 7)
  2. "Poverty As A Career Choice" (August 10)
  3. "More Wisdom From Wilbur" - Oh, oh... Campbell's at it again...(August 15)
  4. "Too Sexy For Country Music" (August 16)
  5. "Evaluating The Mix" - Another life lesson in the music biz from Uncle Jack. (August 17)
  6. "Bringing Out The Lyrics" - And another life lesson in the music biz from Uncle Jack. (August 19)
  7. "The Bear In Our Yard" - You know, with a little bit of work, this could turn out to be one hell of a pest control problem...(August 25)
  8. "How About Nine Commandments?" - Time for a reality check courtesy of Jack. (August 28)

  1. "Another Copyright Problem" - A companion piece to the one about "Birds" (see under, "press release, just in case") (Sept. 2)
  2. "Bringing Back America's Cities" (Sept. 2)
  3. "The One And Only Eddie Simmons" (Sept. 2)
  4. "New Questions About Old Dreams" (Sept. 2)
  5. "Recording Artists Copyright Birds" - A press release, just in case. (Sept. 2)
  6. "The Star" - A side trip into a musicians' own Twilight Zone...(Sept. 2)
  7. "Today's Big Thrill" - Unfortunately, it's potato salad... (Sept. 2)
  8. "Who Do We Write For?" - A fair question, and one that in recent weeks has been much on my mind... (Graham Chapman) (Sept. 2)
  9. "The First Debate" (Sept. 6)
  10. "Gordon Leeder: Trouble Behind The Curtains" (Sept. 8)
  11. "Robert Randolph - It's Not Country, But..." - He and Lloyd Maines can do things to steel guitars that the inventors never dreamed of...(Sept. 18)
  12. "The Unemployed Dictator" (Sept. 18)
  13. "Creative Listening (Sept. 21)
  14. "Don't Be Afraid To Rock The Boat" - It applies to music as well as to everything else in life.(Sept. 22)
  15. "Concerning The Music Row Murder Trial" (Sept. 23)

  1. "A Saloon Worth Remembering" (Oct. 7)
  2. "One Of My Strange Abilities" - mean, besides doing authentic camel love calls? (Oct. 7)
  3. "A Letter From Bill Mack to Jack and Misty" (Oct. 8)
  4. "How To Get Ripped Off In The Music Business" - Naturally, we don't recommend this for everyone...(Oct. 14)
  5. "An American Dream" (Oct. 15)
  6. "The Music Police" (Oct. 21)
  7. "What's The Deal With Education?" (Oct. 22)
  8. "Miss Scoltic Is Alive" (Oct. 26)
  9. "Lucky Eddy and the Swamp Chickens" - "...Unfortunately, the only life forms headed his way were Harlan P. Crapper and his retarded chickens." (Oct. 30)



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