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  1. "The Point Of No Return" - Food for thought. Pass the Pepto. (Jan. 8)
  2. "Friends And Lovers" - When you gotta have 'em, you gotta have 'em. (Jan. 11)
  3. "Answers To Personal Questions" - Jack tells us more than we need to know. (Jan. 14)
  4. "Norm" - Another cautionary tale. (Jan. 16)
  5. "The Fairytale Behind The Song" - Are you sitting comfortably? Then we'll begin... (Jan. 20)
  6. "The New Car" - Things to consider when you're buying your next set of wheels. Or not. (Jan. 22)

  1. "The Comedian" - or, what's so #@*&!%$ funny, anyway? (Feb. 15)
  2. "Waiting For Something Good" - Aren't we all, Jack... aren't we all... (Feb. 17)
  3. "The Tour From Hell (2006 version)" - Stop us if you've heard it before... (Feb. 19)
  4. "Horizons" - Don't seem like the same old town... (Feb. 20)
  5. "The Weirdo" - Just one more example of how technology is making things better for you! (Feb. 21)
  6. "The Fed" - Careful, Jack... you're treading on the money I love...(Feb. 27)

  1. "The Right Of Useless Complaint" - What about 'useful complaints'?... Oh yeah, that's right. They won't let us have any... (March 2)
  2. "I Am Not A Savage" - Fine, we believe you. Now lose the bearskin and put on the tuxedo. We've got guests coming...(March 4)
  3. "The Dysfunctional Band" - And that's how rock and roll was born... (March 5)
  4. "Sunset Train: The Song" - A good song is like a good story... sometimes it's both...(March 8)
  5. "I Saw Something Dumb On TV" - So did I. It was called ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX. (March 8)
  6. "Is That All There Is?" -Depends. If we're talking Jack & Misty music, I hope not. If we're talking your webmeister's bout with the flu... (March 12)
  7. "Frames" - And while you're at it, picture this... (March 16)
  8. "Fear Of Flying" - Fly the friendly skies of Paranoid Airlines... (March 21)
  9. "Today I Went Outside" - Jack describes an out-of-computer experience. (March 21)
  10. "What Honks Me Off" - The honk you say... (March 23)
  11. "Potpourri" - What Jean Shepherd used to call 'straws in the wind'. (March 28)

  1. "I Hop Alone" - Misty at work. (April 13)
  2. "Dirty Words Are Hidden Everywhere" - "...for filth, I'm proud to say, is in the mind of the beholder" (Tom Lehrer) (April 19)
  3. "Don't Fence Me In" - Oh boy. Here we go again... (April 20)
  4. "A Few Steel Guitar Thoughts" - or, c'mon, Jack, stop stringing us along... (April 26)
  5. "It All Started When I Said The Magic Words" - Proof you should always watch what you say. (April 29).

  1. "The Washington Post" - Wherein Jack gets lumped in with a whole bunch of folks. (May 7 - Happy Birthday, Jack!)
  2. "Epidemic Sickens Americans" - The drugstores don't sell a cure for this one! (May 8)
  3. "Songs Are Little Pieces Of Jewelry" - Some more thoughts on the songwriting process. (May 11)
  4. "Warning! Political Content!" - a self-explanatory piece. (May 13)
  5. "Two True Stories For Mother's Day" - One's sublime. The other's ridiculous. (May 14)
  6. "The Birthday Girl" - A toast to Misty. (May 23 - Happy Birthday, Misty!)

  1. "The Great Kidney Stone Adventure" - Anything I could add would be totally unnecessary... (June 8)
  2. "The Hook" - Ditto. (June 21)
  3. "Those Kids Who Were Us" - Memories of a Key West reunion. (June 27)

  1. "The Ice Cream Diet" - By golly, there's a solution! (But then, so is hydrochlric acid...) (July 2)
  2. "The Last Day" - Heed well these words of warning, friends... (July 3)
  3. "Why We Like This Music And Not That Junk." - Yeah, we know... but it bears repeating... (July 8)
  4. "Life Is A Rental" - More deep thoughts from Chairman Jack. (July 14)
  5. "Is This Music Or Religion?" - The controversy that never really goes away... is back... (July 25)
  6. "The Secret Of Happiness" - We'd tell you, but then... well, you know... (July 31)

  1. "Piano Players Have All The Fun" - Up until they lose their keys, of course. (Please don't hit me.) (August 13)
  2. "The Perfect Life" - Something to strive for in the weeks and months ahead... (August 15)
  3. "My Church Going Days" - It's good enough for me... (August 20)
  4. "Rusty And Me. A True Story" - If it were really that easy, everyone would be doing it. Wouldn't they? (August 21)
  5. "The Sun Porch" - Does it come with a moon roof? (August 22)
  6. "No Buffalos And No Wings" - Rememberances of home towns past... (August 26)

  1. "Friends And Politics" - Sometimes, it's harder to separate the two than you might think... (Sept. 3)
  2. "Bits Of Wisdom" - Another think piece from Chairman Jack. (Sept. 14)

  1. "The Optimist" - The power of positive stupidity. Positively. (Oct. 19)
  2. "The Rest Of The Story" - More stuff than you ever wanted to know. Really... (Oct. 31)

  1. "Bookmarks" - Something to help you remember where you were...
    (Nov. 6)
  2. "Today I Was Standing On My Head" - Well, that's a neat trick if you can do it... (Nov. 13)
  3. "What Is A Song?" - What is is, and what it isn't... (Nov.15)


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