(Or, so THOSE are the words...)
All songs by Jack Blanchard unless otherwise noted.

  1. 47 Miles (To The Georgia Line)
  2. A Christmas Dream
  3. A Handful Of Dimes
  4. A Place In My Mind
  5. Another Place Another Time
  6. Asleep In The Saddle
  7. Back In Harmony (Silverstein-James-Fagan)
  8. Because We Love
  9. Bethlehem Steel
  10. Big Black Bird (Spirit Of My Love)
  11. Boy With The Be-Bop Glasses
  12. Cadillac
  13. Call On Me
  14. Carolina Sundown Red
  15. Changin' Times
  16. Chapel Hill
  17. Cows
  18. Crossing The Line (Paul Humphrey)
  19. Don't It Look Like Georgia
  20. Don't It Make You Want To Go Home (Joe South)
  21. Do-Or-Die Romance
  22. Down To The End Of The Wine
  23. Dream A Little Dream Of Me (Schwant-Andre-Kahn)
  24. Fire Hydrant #79
  25. Hands
  26. Heartaches (John Klenner-Al C. Hoffman)
  27. Here Comes The Rain
  28. Here Today & Gone Tomorrow
  29. Hit Me One More Time
  30. How I Lost 31 Pounds In 17 Days
  31. Humphrey The Camel
  32. I Love You, I'm Sorry, Goodbye
  33. I Will (Jerry Foster-Bill Rice)
  34. If Eggs Had Legs
  35. Igor
  36. I'll Go Home With You
  37. I'll Never Be Free (George David Weiss-Benjamin Bennie)
  38. I'm Feelin' A Change In My Life (Skip Rogers)
  39. I'm High On You
  40. Island Of Love
  41. Journey's End
  42. Just One More Song
  43. Legendary Chicken Fairy
  44. (Let's Have A) Hayride (Steve Fenner-Jack Blanchard)
  45. Let's Pretend
  46. Little Orphan Annie
  47. Livin' Together
  48. Lonely Bell
  49. Lonesome Song
  50. Loozianna Moon Added June 13, 2009!
  51. Mary Turn Around
  52. Memories Of You (Johnny Cymbal)
  53. Miami Sidewalks
  54. Midnight Greyhound
  55. Molasses In The Moonlight
  56. Monkey See Monkey Do
  57. Motel Time (Blanchard-Morgan)
  58. No Sign Of Love
  59. Our Room
  60. Poor Jody
  61. Rings Of Gold (Gene Thomas)
  62. Runaway (Steve Fenner-Jack Blanchard)
  63. Rusty And The Cowboys
  64. Safe Harbor
  65. Sea Of Heartbreak (David-Hampton)
  66. Second Tuesday In December
  67. Seems Like There Ain't No Goin' Home
  68. Shame On The Moon (Rodney Crowell)
  69. Skellykins
  70. Something On Your Mind
  71. Somewhere In Virginia In The Rain
  72. Starvin' Hog Blues
  73. Steel Mill Town
  74. Still Comin' Down
  75. Strange New World (Steve Fenner-Jack Blanchard)
  76. Sweet Memories (Mickey Newbury)
  77. Tennessee Bird Walk
  78. The Autumn Song (On A Yellow Day)
  79. The Clock Of St. James
  80. The Cockroach Stomp
  81. The Dum Song
  82. The Family Band
  83. The House (That Used To Be A Home) (Blanchard-Morgan)
  84. The King O' Hearts
  85. The Lonely Sentry (Steve Fenner-Jack Blanchard)
  86. The Look Of Nothing
  87. The Love Habit
  88. The Night We Heard The Voice
  89. The One You Really Love (Danny Saegar)
  90. The Poinciana Bar
  91. The Shadows Of The Leaves
  92. The Sunset Train
  93. The Tonga Torch (Steve Fenner)
  94. There Must Be More To Life (Than Growing Old)
  95. Time Machine
  96. Try
  97. Washing Harry Down The Sink
  98. We Walked This Road Before
  99. We've Still Got Each Other
  100. When The Blues Come In From The Rain
  101. With Pen In Hand (Bobby Goldsboro)
  102. Why Did I Sleep So Long?
  103. X-Rated Movies
  104. Yellow Bellied Sapsucker
  105. You Can't Say I Didn't Try
  106. You Come So Easy To Me
  107. You've Got Your Troubles (I've Got Mine) (Roger Cook-Roger Greenaway)


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