Jack and Misty's Photo Gallery
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The Dawn Breakers The Dawn Breakers (again) The Dawn Breakers (later) Jackie Blanchard (sans Rockin' Impallas) The Tennessee Bird Walk recording session Wayside promo pic #1. Jack, Misty and the Corvette, 1970 #1 Wayside promo pic #2. Jack, Misty and Winnie. Misty, Jack, and the Corvette #2 Luggage Depot Misty of the Mounties? Tennessee Bird Walk sheet music. Humphrey The Camel sheet music. I'm High On You record flyer. Epic Records era promo pic. Happy Birthday, Misty! Cover shot for unreleaseed Epic album Jack and Misty at the CBS Records convention, mid '70s Key West reunion. Collaged by Alex Cullum Misty and Wolf Camille, Jack and Wolf Misty at the piano. Professor Blanchard? Jack & Misty at Manhattan Beach ©Doug and Sundee Tarrant. Misty, Jack and drummer Joey Nelson somewhere on a flatbed. Jack and Misty with Wolf and Camille A little jam session with friends [Christmas 2005]. Misty Morgan (keyboards), Jerry Barth (drums), Dale Brooks (trumpet), and Jack Blanchard (piano). Misty, Jack, Mike Douglas and Jackie Gleason. Mike Douglas, Misty, Jack, Carol Channing, unidentified celebrity. Weird scene outside the birdhouse Jack and Misty at Lake Best Something told them it's all happening at the zoo...


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