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"Don't Be Afraid To Rock The Boat"

You’ve heard stories like this before... 
The recording artist gets taken 
by the big labels, agents, and managers. 

Misty and I made millions of dollars for major labels, 
and we never got paid. 
We never received one cent for “Tennessee Birdwalk” 
which sold several million records. 

Funny, the smaller labels paid us, 
but the giant major labels didn’t. 

We had a manager who sidetracked our big BMI checks, 
forged our name, and cashed them. 
He then deposited the money in a bank 
that was owned by friends of his. 
His banker would not give our lawyers any information 
on the account with OUR name on it! 

I don’t think we were dumb. 
It was all new to us. 
We were threatened to sign papers we didn’t understand. 
We were young 
and afraid to rock the boat. 

We’ve learned to live with it, 
but it’s always there... 
somewhere in the back of our minds... 
The families of these crooks are living in OUR mansions, 
and sailing on OUR yacht. 

But, it’s 2003 AD, 
and we’re still here 
and still together. 

So, all in all, 
we came out okay. 

Copyright © September 22, 2003 by Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved.


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