Weird Scenes Inside The Birdhouse
The Omni Recording Corporation OMNI-107 (Australian Import)(2007)
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1. The Cockroach Stomp (2:18)
2. Carolina Sundown Red (2:40)
3. Down to the End of the Wine (2:27)
4. Here Today and Gone Tomorrow (3:03)
5. Just One More Song (3:11)
6. Molasses In The Moonlight (2:27)
7. Iím High on You (3:00)
8. When The Blues Come In From The Rain (3:04)
9. Cows (2:42)
10. Something On Your Mind (2:31)
11. Because We Love (2:27)
12. The House (That Used To Be A Home) (3:00)
13. Why Did I Sleep So Long? (2:17)
14. Starviní Hog Blues (2:25)
15. Letís Pretend (2:30)
16. 47 Miles (To The Georgia Line) (2:40)
17. Hands (2:24)
18. Still Cominí Down (2:38)
19. Iíll Go Home With You (3:06)
20. Weíve Still Got Each Other (2:45)
21. You Come So Easy To Me (original) (3:03)
22. You Canít Say I Didnít Try (2:37)
23. Asleep In The Saddle (3:19)
24. Try (3:08)
25. Safe Harbour (2:36)
26. I Love You, Iím Sorry, Goodbye (3:18)
27. Motel Time (3:03)

Previously Unreleased Demo Recordings from 1975 as Bonus Mp3s

1. Another Place And Time
2. Igor
3. Here Comes The Rain
4. Follow The Bouncing Ball
5. Steel Mill Town

All original recordings 1973-1976
Produced by Misty Morgan and Jack Blanchard
Restored and Remastered 2007 by Jack Blanchard at the Music Hospital
Additional mastering by Byron Scullin
All titles written by Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan
published by Jack Blanchard Songs (BMI)
All tracks licensed from Velvet Saw Records
Executive in charge of Cd re-issue David Thrussell
Artwork realisation Richard Grant/I+T=R
Please visit Jack and Misty on the Web
This Compilation (P) and (C) 2007 The Omni Recording Corporation 

In the mid-1970ís we encountered a warmer and wiser Jack Blanchard and Misty 
Morgan. Still producing fabulous oddball flourishes like The Cockroach Stomp
and Cows, but now a little something new was brewing ...majesty and 
grandeur! Yes, witness the astounding, lush string arrangements on Carolina 
Sundown Red, Something On Your Mind and Just One More Song, and the 
fantastic philosophical-cowpoke ďone-two punchĒ of Down To The End Of The 
Wine and Here Today And Gone Tomorrow. Lysergic Hayseed melancholia has
never sounded so smooth. And what universe, exactly, did Molasses In The Moonlight 
rocket in from?!?
Lovingly remastered, with five previously unreleased demo recordings (circa 
1975) and an extensive booklet featuring unpublished photos and metaphysical 
commentaries from Jack Blanchard himself. All tracks make their first 
appearance here on CD.
Times had moved on and Jack and Misty had moved with them, there are touches 
of disco here and the subtlest hint of The Carpenters on a few numbers, but 
remember ...nobody but nobody, has ever sounded anything like...Jack 
Blanchard and Misty Morgan!!! 

Webmeister Notes:
This is the first single disc collection of the Epic Records material.
Besides the 5 mp3s, this is also the first CD appearance anywhere for
"The House (That Used To Be A Home)", "Why Did I Sleep So Long?" and
"47 Miles (To The Georgia Line)". All in all, a perfect companion piece
to "Life and Death (and almost everything else)." 

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