Back In Harmony
Playback PCD 4512 (1992) Out Of Print

  1. Sea Of Heartbreak (3:09) (David-Hampton)
    Shapiro-Bernstein/Casa David
  2. Because We Love (2:27) (Blanchard-Morgan)
    Jack Blanchard Songs (BMI)
  3. I'll Never Be Free (2:36) (George David Weiss-
    Benjamin Bennie) Abilene Music/Claude A Music
  4. Memories Of You (3:08) (Johnny Cymbal)
    Longjohns Music
  5. Back In Harmony (2:30) (Silverstein-James-Fagan)
    Evil Eye Music/Turtle Dust Tunes/Of Music (BMI)
  6. Dream A Little Dream Of Me (3:08) (Schwant-Andre-Kahn)
    Essex Music/Words & Music/Don Swan Pub./
    Keyes Gilbert Music
  7. Shame On The Moon (3:48) (Rodney Crowell)
    Coolwell Music/Granite Music
  8. Hands (3:03) (Blanchard) Jack Blanchard Songs (BMI)
  9. The One You Really Love (2:34) (Danny Saegar) Lovey Music (BMI)
  10. Crossing The Line (2:23) (Paul Humphrey) Lovey Music (BMI)
Produced by JACK GALE. Arranger WALT CUNNINGHAM Recorded at STARGEM STUDIOS & THE CYPRESS ROOM, Nashville, TN Engineers DANNY DUNKELBERGER & DON KING Liner photo TOM BERENS, FABRY STUDIOS, Nashville, TN PLAYBACK RECORDS BOX 630755 MIAMI, FL 33163 (305) 935-4880 Nationally distributed by LAURIE RECORDS 450 LIVINGSTON ST. NORWOOD, NJ 07648 1-800-421-1410 All songs ASCAP except where noted. "Sea Of Heartbreak" is the Don Gibson classic, charted by artists such as Kenny Price & Lynn Anderson. "Dream A Little Dream Of Me" is the classic tune most familiarly done by The Mamas & The Papas. "Shame On The Moon" was a country and pop hit for Bob Seger. Thanks to Petr Vitous in Prague for filling up the holes! (Commentary by Mark Harris.)
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