Motel Time

2 a.m. once again, it's motel time
Last call for alcohol, it's motel time
Let's have just one more beer
Don't wanna go home, but we can't stay here
2 a.m. once again, it's motel time

(She sings:)
Where did the evening go?
(He sings:)
Oh, I don't know
(They sing:)
Goodnight, Irene. So long, Joe
Well they've washed up all the glasses
And they've turned out the sign
Looks like we're the last ones here, it's motel time
(Repeat chorus)

They're closin' the bar, and here we are at motel time
Baby let's pretend that we're old friends at motel time
'Cause by myself, it's always go through hell time
Misery loves company at motel time
(Repeat chorus)

Words and music by Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan. 
Copyright  Jack Blanchard Songs (BMI).
All rights reserved. Reprinted by permission of the authors.

Discology Singles: Epic 8-50205, 1976 Stardust International #63 (September 2006) Albums: SWEET MEMORIES (Chalice CR 92544, 1987) A LITTLE OUT OF SYNC (Velvet Saw 0801, 2001) WEIRD SCENES INSIDE THE BIRDHOUSE (Omni OMNI-107, 2007 [Australia])


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