Because We Love

(He sings:)
Sexy eyes, butterflies
Country songs and lullabies
All these things, they harmonize
Beccause we love

(She sings:)
Hollyhocks, dandelions
Vanilla sunshine through the pines
All these things are yours and mine
Because we love

(They sing:)
Lonesome is a road that you travel alone
Or the sound of a faraway train
Lonesome is a road that never leaves home
And I won't have to walk it again

So come to me in midnight lace
Let me feel your breath against my face
Home to me is anyplace you are
Because we love

(Repeat last verse)

Words and music by Jack Blanchard. Copyright  Jack Blanchard Songs
(BMI). All rights reserved. Reprinted by permission of the author.

Discology Single: Epic 8-50122, 1975 (charted at #74) Albums [*-remake] SWEET MEMORIES (Chalice CR 92544, 1987) BACK IN HARMONY* (Playback PCS 4512, 1992) A LITTLE OUT OF SYNC (Velvet Saw 0801, 2001) WEIRD SCENES INSIDE THE BIRDHOUSE (Omni OMNI-107, 2007 [Australia])


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