Life and Death (and almost everything else).
The Omni Recording Corporation OMNI-102 (Australian Import) (2005) $19.95 + S&H

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  1. Tennessee Bird Walk (2:51)
  2. Big Black Bird (Spirit Of My Love) (2:37)
  3. Chapel Hill (2:38)
  4. The Dum Song (2:24)
  5. Bethlehem Steel (2:32)
  6. Poor Jody (2:37)
  7. Humphrey The Camel (2:58)
  8. Yellow Bellied Sapsucker (2:37)
  9. Changin' Times (3:23)
  10. The Clock Of St. James (2:06)
  11. You've Got Your Troubles (I've Got Mine) (2:43)
  12. A Place In My Mind (2:26)
  13. The Autumn Song (On A Yellow Day) (1:54)
  14. How I Lost 31 Pounds In 17 Days (3:05)
  15. Somewhere In Virginia In The Rain (2:38)
  16. The Shadows Of The Leaves (2:37)
  17. There Must Be More To Life (Than Growing Old) (2:32)
  18. Second Tuesday In December (2:52)
  19. The Legendary Chicken Fairy (2:17)
  20. Miami Sidewalks (2:32)
  21. Fire Hydrant #79 (2:39)
  22. Don't It Make You Want To Go Home (2:30)
  23. If Eggs Had Legs (2:43)
  24. A Handful Of Dimes (2:08)
  25. It Seems Like There Ain't No Going Home (2:56)
  26. I'm Washin' Harry Down The Sink (3:06)
  27. The Night We Heard The Voice (2:18)
  28. Lonesome Song (previously unreleased) (2:24)
  29. The Sunset Train (previously unreleased) (2:49)
All songs written by Jack Blanchard and Jack Blanchard Songs (BMI) except: "You've Got Your Troubles": Roger Cook-Roger Greenaway Cookaway Music (PRS) and "Don't It Make You Want To Go Home?": Joe South Lowery Music (BMI). Wah-wah guitars, moog solos, paeans to birds, camels, fire hydrants and other wildlife. Something was in the water and the evidence is right here. Best known for their 1970 crossover hit "Tennessee Bird Walk", Jack and Misty will flummox you with some of the funkiest novelties ever committed to tape, and then astound you with some of the most compassionate, heart-wrenching ballads you are ever likely to hear. For the first time on CD, with exclusive photographs and liner notes, sourced directly from the Artistes' own archives. Quite simply, you have never heard how far country music can go, until you have heard Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan! Click here for David Thrussell's liner notes. (Then click the album cover to come back here.) This contains all but three of the songs on Jack and Misty's first two albums ("With Pen In Hand" from Birds Of A Feather, and "Sweet Memories" and "Rings Of Gold" from "Two Sides of Jack & Misty"). Probably to keep it from becoming a 2-CD set! This is also the first CD release anywhere for "Don't It Make You Want To Go Home?" (the Joe South classic) and "Chapel Hill", as well as the complete version of "How I Lost 31 Pounds In 17 Days" (as opposed to the edited version on "Jack And Misty Are Crazy!!!"). Also, to set the record straight, despite what the booklet tells you, tracks 12-14 and 24-27 are the original 45-only cuts.
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