A Little Out Of Sync
Velvet Saw 0801 (2001) $16.95 + S&H

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  1. Because We Love (2:27)
  2. A Handful Of Dimes (2:08)
  3. Starvin' Hog Blues (2:24)
  4. Safe Harbor (2:36)
  5. Second Tuesday In December (2:52)
  6. Here Today and Gone Tomorrow (3:03)
  7. Fire Hydrant #79 (2:39)
  8. Down To The End Of The Wine (2:27)
  9. Rusty And The Cowboys (2:41) (new)
  10. Heartaches (3:13)
  11. It Seems Like There Ain't No Goin' Home (2:56)
  12. Washin' Harry Down The Sink (3:05)
  13. Poor Jody (2:36)
  14. Big Black Bird (Spirit Of My Love) (2:37)
  15. Bethlehem Steel (2:32)
  16. The Clock Of St. James (2:06)
  17. You Can't Say I Didn't Try (2:37)
  18. Humphrey The Camel (3:00)
  19. Motel Time (3:03)
LINER NOTES: Some of the pickers are: Charlie McCoy, Johnny Gimble, Lloyd Green, Henry Strelecki, Hargus Robbins, Billy Sanford, Buddy Spiker, Bobby Thompson, Weldon Myrick, Larry London, Kenny Bell, Travis Wamack, and some strings from the Nashville Symphony. Backup singers are The Nashville Edition, and three young women from Muscle Shoals, who sing like angels. Also some other great players we've lost track of. Misty played synth strings, fiddles, Hohner Clavinet, and other keyboards. Jack played Hawaiian lap steel guitar, National metal dobro, and whistled "Heartaches". Jack and Misty arranged and produced all cuts. Recorded in Nashville, Muscle Shoals, Orlando, Miami, and Jacksonville. All songs Jack Blanchard Songs BMI, except "Heartaches" (John Klenner/Al C. Hoffman; 1931 Leeds Music ASCAP). REVIEWS: "AN INDEPENDENT VIEW" by: Linda Fryer, BMI, CLA January, 2002 "Jack and Misty have done it again!" "Every song on this CD is perfection!" "I couldn't stop LISTENING... They had me from the first note." "Sit back and get ready for a real treat." * * * From COUNTRY MUSIC ROUNDUP Britain's Number One Country Music Newspaper. December, 2001.
Pete Smith's Rock Pile. "I must declare my favourite duo is Jack and Misty." "In disturbing times like these the world needs Jack and Misty." * * * Ray Grundy. Metro Country, U.K. "An absolute joy to listen to!" "Their superb harmonies are spellbinding!" Another compilation of previously released singles and album cuts mixed with a new recording, "Rusty And The Cowboys". This was the second Velvet Saw release, and the first of three to be issued in 2001.
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