Hands that run their fingers
Gently through my hair
Hands that give the touch
Of tender loving care
Hands to hold
Whenever things go wrong
Helping hands
When troubles come along
Mmm, baby, I love your loving hands

Hands that wear the ring
That tells the world you're mine
Ah, hands that wake me softly
Every morning just in time

(Repeat chorus 2x and fade)

Words and music by Jack Blanchard. Copyright  Jack Blanchard Songs
(BMI). All rights reserved. Reprinted by permission of the author.

Discology Single: Epic 8-50245, 1976 Albums: [*-remake] BACK IN HARMONY* (Playback PCD 4512, 1992) BACK FROM THE DEAD, VOLUME 2 (Velvet Saw VSCD 1, 2000) WEIRD SCENES INSIDE THE BIRDHOUSE (Omni OMNI-107, 2007 [Australia])


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