Starvin' Hog Blues

(SFX: Knocking on door)
Misty: Who is it?
Jack: It's me!

Every single time that I knock upon your door 
Your daddy beats up on me. 
I tried last night to climb in your window, 
But I flattened my skull 
When I fell from the big pine tree, 
With a thud, in the mud. 
But I'll be back again. 
What can I do. 
Like an old hound dog, sneakin' through the kitchen, 
I'm sneakin' up on you. 

I'm like a starvin' hog when I think about your kissin', baby. 
I'm hung up on you. 
I'm as jumpy as a frog when I think of what I'm missin', 
And there ain't nothin' in this 
Blue eyed world I wouldn't 
Do to make you see 
It's me 
That's really goin' ape over you know who. 
Would you believe 
I'm like a starvin' hog when I think about your kissin', baby, 
I'm hung up on you. 

High class words and music by Jack Blanchard. 
Copyright  Jack Blanchard Songs (BMI).
All rights reserved. Lyrics reprinted by kind permission of the author.

Discology Single: Epic 8-50122, 1974 (as "It's Me", B-side of Because We Love) Albums: A LITTLE OUT OF SYNC (Velvet Saw VSCD 0801, 2001) JACK AND MISTY ARE CRAZY!!! (Velvet Saw VSCD 1101, 2001) WEIRD SCENES INSIDE THE BIRDHOUSE (Omni OMNI-107, 2007 [Australia])


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