The Autumn Song (On A Yellow Day)

A yellow autumn dawn
Summertime has come and gone
The leaves are turning gold
Another year is growing old
Another year, another story
A little sad, but I'm not sorry
You don't look bad in autumn's glory
On a yellow day

A little smoke is risin'
Out against the far horizon
The yellow autumn haze
Friendly chill of holidays
Rusty gates and old log fences
Chop some wood to make expenses
Faded Levi's and no pretenses
On a yellow day

Words and music by Jack Blanchard. Copyright  Jack Blanchard Songs (BMI).
All rights reserved. Reprinted by permission of the author.

Discology Singles: Wayside WS-1058; Wayside/Smash WS-45-000, 1969 Albums: BEGINNINGS... (Velvet Saw VSCD 1104, 2004) LIFE AND DEATH (and almost everything else). (Omni OMNI-102, 2005 (Australia))


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