Changin' Times

I saw the old man down on Main Street.
The crowds were passing him by.
He set his old suitcase down,
And brushed a tear from his eye.
He shook his head at a world full of strangers,
As far as he could see.
Then he looked around at his old home town,
And he turned and he said to me:

"Changin' Times... Changin' Times.
The wheels of life go spinning around,
Oranges, lemons, and limes.
They're selling all the good things in life
For pennies, nickels, and dimes
How we gonna find our way, wind our way home,
In these Changin' Times?"

Ah, I can almost see my old friends
Hi Shorty, hi Sally, hi Pete
Mhm I can almost hear their voices echoin' down the street
I better get goin' now I know it's wrong now
Livin' in yesterday
Bye Shorty, bye Sally, so long Pete
I'd better be on my way
Changin' times changin' times...

Words and music by Jack Blanchard. Copyright  Jack Blanchard Songs (BMI).
All rights reserved. Reprinted by permission of the author.

Discology Single: Wayside WS-45-007, 1969 Albums: BIRDS OF A FEATHER (Wayside/Smash WSS 33-001, 1970) THE EARLY YEARS '68-'70 (Earth NR3478) BEGINNINGS... (Velvet Saw VSCD 1104, 2004) LIFE AND DEATH (and almost everything else). (Omni OMNI-102, 2005 (Australia))


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