We Walked This Road Before

Look into my eyes
And try to tell me you don't know me.
Think back
A hundred years or more.
I don't remember if we laughed or if we cried,
But, I know
We Walked This Road Before.

Five hundred years ago
Did the April grass look greener?
Did we hear the wind outside our door?
Or were we just two passing faces
In dim and distant places?
Oh, I know
We Walked This Road before.

If you should turn and find me staring
In the windows of your mind,
I'm just searching
Down the dark and dusty corridors of memory
For the worlds we left behind.

A Thousand years ago
Was September just as golden?
Did a seashell hold an ocean's roar?
The breath of life is fleeting,
But, we'll meet again someday,
'cause I know
We Walked This Road Before.
Yeah, I know
We Walked This Road Before.

Words and music by Jack Blanchard. Copyright  2001 Jack Blanchard Songs (BMI). 
All rights reserved. Lyrics reprinted by kind permission of the author.


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