A Christmas Dream

Life is strange. 
Here's a song I wrote many years ago, 
and had completely forgotten. 
Someone who remembers the song contacted me via the internet, 
and together we've worked out the lyrics. 

They tell me it was originally recorded by our vocal group The Dawn Breakers. 
I don't have a copy of it, and I don't remember the session. 
I do remember the melody and chord changes, 
but wouldn't it be nice if somebody came up with a tape of it?


I see softly falling snow, on Christmas Eve. 
The carolers singing of the things that we  believe............. 
The little houses with their windows filled with Christmas glow... 
Reflecting Yuletide cheer across the sparkling snow. 

I see a cozy room, a Christmas tree, 
And doesn't that young couple look like you and me... 
And if you count the stockings 
Hanging by the fireside. 
You'll see this little home has more than two inside. 

     If you share this dream I dream, when Christmas time is near…. 
    We can make it all come true by Christmas time next year 

So think it over dear, on Christmas Eve, 
and there among the presents that you will receive 
You’ll find a band of gold that asks a question ages old 
Won’t you share my Christmas dream. 
Words and music by Jack Blanchard. © 2002 Jack Blanchard Songs (BMI). 
All rights reserved. Reprinted by kind permission of the author. 


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