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"The Point Of No Return"

Archeologists have found that during stressful times
humans become more religious
and more warlike.

This year we approach a very special point in our invasion of Iraq.
Sometime during 2006,
George W. Bush will have caused the deaths of more Americans
than were killed by the bin Lauden terrorists on 9/11.

Also, many thousands of Iraqi deaths,
although they never attacked us.

So who is the world's number one terrorist?

I wonder if this will make the Bush supporters think...
if they have the capacity to reason.
Many of them seem to have inherited their beliefs and prejudices
from mama and daddy,
and can't think for themselves.

If we don't somehow change course,
we are likely heading into another Dark Ages.
Maybe the darkest ever.

Copyright  January 8, 2006 by Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved.
Reprinted by permission.


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