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For those of you who came in late, here's what you missed...



To hear the song click on the graveyard.

Boo, from Jack & Misty
Stardust Records

Now everybody can have the music...
We've heard from folks with dial-up connections
who can't hear the music, so...
With help from Kolya Noble and Randall Cousins
There are now THREE WAYS
to hear or download our new Stardust single
Slower dial-up modems
listen in a compatible format here:
Faster hookups,
Listen to it in Hi-Fi, while you read the lyrics here:
Download and keep the MP3 here:
This version of this song appears only on
Stardust Autumn Gold Compilation #45, track #19.

October 26th, 2003...A new essay has been added: "Miss Scoltic Is Alive."




Here is a bulletin bulletin bulletin...*

Dateline, October 24th, 2003: Hard to believe, but true: 23 essays have been added to the Jack's Essays section! All of the ones from September and October (that we know of, anyway) plus a stray one from August. Enjoy them. Me, I'm soaking my hands in a bucket of ice...

*-Stole that joke from George Carlin.


There is a lot of good reading material on our new Music Room Board, about the Music Business, writing tools, promotional hints, studio tips, and other postings that are just for fun.

We'd like to have your ideas, lyrics, stories and news. Just click here and see what this new board idea is all about. http://www.eboards4all.com/701322/index.html

It's easy.
There's no sign-up or membership required.
Best always,
Jack and Misty.

September 29, 2003...
Hey there, hi there, how there. Your friendly neighborhood webmeister, just crawling out of the flu to announce that we have three new essays up: "About Indie Artists Harassing DJ's", "Don't Be Afraid To Rock The Boat", and "Good And Bad Sides To Indie Awards". Figured with the lousy month this has been, you need SOMETHING to chuckle over! Pass the chicken soup...
September 19, 2003...
Updates to the essays section will be coming before today is over...I hope.

September 2, 2003...
Just when you thought it'd never happen... seven newly added columns in Jack's Essays (WARNING: One of them is from Will Campbell. Don't say you weren't warned... 'cuz ya was!)

More new essays than you can shake a stick at (if that's how you get your jollies) coming shortly! In the meantime, a message from Misty and Jack:

August 18, 2003...

"Washin' Harry Down the Sink" is our craziest song since "Tennessee Birdwalk", and it's a singalong! It's on its way to you right now on Stardust compilation #44. If you'd like a preview just listen or download the MP3 at our SoundClick page... http://www.soundclick.com/bands/3/jackblanchardandmistymorgan.htm Love, Jack and Misty
July 14, 2003...
We're now on SoundClick
as of tonight.
Check out our new mp3 page.
It's still a work in progress,
but check it out,
see the stuff,
and listen to the music.
We'll be fine tuning it as we go along.

Hope you enjoy it.

Jack & Misty
July 10, 2003...
Another new day, another new essay by Jack..."Misty's Violent Crime"! Go to the Essays section to read it.

July 7, 2003...
Hi, all. Hope you had a safe and relatively sane 4th of July weekend. Two new essays have been added: "How We Got Together" (no explanation needed), and "Selling America," a sad-but-all-too-damned-true observation by Jack, with additional cartoon comment from D. C. Simpson's always brilliant "Ozy and Millie" online strip (the 4th Ozy and Millie book, "Authentic Banana Dye," is now available from Plan 9 Publishing. Details on the O&M site.)

July 4, 2003...
Happy Birthday, America. For the 227th 4th of July in this country, we have three new essays from Jack: "Moose Tracks On My Back," "The Chili and Pie Diet," and the true story of Jack and Misty's first single...and their new single, "Bethlehem Steel - The Story Behind The Song." Check the essays section. Me, I've been up since 5 am today and I'm dog tired. I'm gonna try and take a nap. Wish me luck.
- A very tired webmaster.

July 2, 2003...
Two more essays have been added to the Jack's Essays section: "A Do It Yourself Spam Filter That Works" and "Don't Get Me Started About Life." And now, from Jack and Misty...
Thank you, European DJ's,
for charting two of our songs!!!
Love, Jack & Misty
Based in airplay throughout Europe.
Week June 30, 2003
#8 Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan. "Safe Harbour" - Stardust
#69 Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan. "There Must Be More To Life (Than Growing Old)" - Stardust
and now
HI-FI: http://www.kokosuniverse.com/jm/wma/bethlehem_steel.htm
LO-FI: http://lswazzo.topcities.com/JackNMisty/BethlehemSteel.ram

Audio Radiance for the Radio Audience
Posted by RotoNoto Music on 7/1/2003, 5:11 pm

Audio Radiance for the Radio Audience

Truer words ain't never not been spoken...
the longtime motto of RotoNoto Music.

Watch for the July HotDisc mailout where Stuart has included the NEW RotoNoto progressive country release...
Brave New Frontiers.

It was released in Canada, nationally, June 23/2003. This future country disc contains brand new single releases for:
Shelley Buffitt
Mark LaForme
jannelle's Groove
Lindsay Morgan
Le Naye Pearson
Lenny Paquette
Lauren Cook
Randall Cousins
Jessie Commisso
Keith Thompson
Somerville Bros.
Beth Profitt
Manon's Dream
Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan avec Randall Cousins
Ray Materick and True Spirit
and Hallie Ross

DJ's who would like a copy of our new Stardust single
"Bethlehem Steel"

please let us know.

Jack & Misty
Fast modems please click this link to listen:
Dial-up modems please click this link to listen:

Stardust Records #43, track #12

Hey there, hi there, ho there.
Apologies for the lack of updates lately. Too many things have been getting in the way (translation: "real life.") However, in order to appease you until we can get everything uploaded, please enjoy this new essay by Jack, "A Tale Of Two Nitwits":

It was the best of times,
and then some crap happened.

Everybody loved Father FitzMother, the old Irish priest.
When his high voice sang out “Top o’ the mornin to ya”
it would put a smile on a constipated leprechaun.

Then one day folks noticed
he said it when nobody was around.
He said it to squirrels.
He said it to doorknobs.

A brutal killer admitted his crimes in the confessional,
and the aged priest gave him a “Top o’ the mornin’ to ya”.
The criminal flew into a rage
and the good father was rushed to the ER
with a clay pipe lodged in his lower intestine.

They gave him a strong anesthetic,
not for pain,
but to shut him up.
It was like having a crazy parrot.

No longer able to fulfill his priestly duties,
he turned to crime
He would toss his manic “Top o’ the mornin’ to ya”
at strangers on the street.
They would smile back while he picked their pockets.

He was arrested and sent to the nut camp,
where he was diagnosed
as having a rare and stupid form of Tourette’s Syndrome.
He was released as “harmless, but annoying”.

He was homeless for a while,
but the other homeless people would leap into dumpsters
when he approached.

Harriet Freehorn was a seventy-nine year old widow,
and a former parishioner of Father F..
She was also deaf as a yak in heat...
a deaf yak.

Harriet thought her ex priest was just being affectionate
when he was picking her pockets.
She couldn’t hear what he was saying.

To make a long story dumber,
they moved in together,
her hearing was miraculously restored,
and the first words she heard were these:
“Top o’ the mornin’ to ya”.

She thought it was cute
for about twenty minutes,
and then she beat him to death with a stuffed owl.

As he was dying,
he opened his eyes,
and with his last breath,
whispered “Oh, crap”.
(C)June 27, 2003.

More updates to come.
-Your harried webmaestros.

Thank you SO MUCH
for the many wonderful birthday cards and notes,
and the thought behind them!

Love to you all.


Making a wish...

Onstage, Hartford, CT
Hi, everybody.

Some people who have dial-up modems
have told us that they can't hear "SAFE HARBOR",
our latest Stardust single
when they click the link.

Thanks to our friends Kolya Noble and Les Swazzo
we now have two different links...

HI-FI with printed lyrics for fast modems:

LOW-FI for slow modems:

We hope you enjoy it.
Jack & Misty

May 28, 2003... Chirp Chirp! Four new essays and a new song have been added since we've last been here. The new song is "Steel Mill Town," which you can find in the lyrics page, and the four new essays, "Johnny And June," "Dumpster Diving," "Our Old Friend Tommy" and "Mind Prisons" can now be found in Jack's Essays.


Not only is next Monday Memorial Day,
an important and historical date,
but so is this Friday, May 23rd.

It’s Misty Morgan’s Birthday,
and I think schools and government offices
should be closed.

I also expect the weather to be clear,
and Burger King to have ninety-nine cent Whoppers.

I never know what to get her.
She always gets me nice things.
This year she gave me a cool watch.

I’ll be worrying about it right up until the last minute,
when I’ll buy something.
I’ll also buy a fancy Birthday Bag to put it in,
because I when I try to wrap gifts
they look like they’ve been stomped on.

She will love it,
and we’ll have a middling good time.
The next day she’ll return it
for something that makes sense.

it’s a big day to me.

Happy Birthday, Honey.

All my love,

Hey Florida musicians, recording, and radio people...
Try the "Limestone Lounge" forum.
It's mostly about Florida bands, DJ's, and records
from the 1960's,
but there's a LOT more!

Click here:
-Jack Blanchard

The First Jack & Misty Quarterly Newsletter
"All the news that chirps!"

Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan
Spring, 2003


We're a couple of months behind schedule
on our CD album for college radio.
The album title will be "Another Place and Time".
We are creating the tracks,
which are all original songs,
and the final mixes for college radio will be mixed in California.
The album is turning out to be strangely artistic,
mostly not suitable for our Country audience.

"Somewhere in Virginia in the Rain" will be on the songlist twice,
first in its original form,
and as an extra at the very end
a weird remix produced by Andy Wombwell, of Rhino Records.
Andy is behind the whole project,
and has some far out ideas.
The "Virginia" remix is so dreamlike that we're still trying to figure it out!
Andy calls it "Alternative".
Alternative to what, we don't know,
but we like it.

The opener is an unusual song called "The House".
Among the 17 tracks there will be a few rare old tracks remastered,
a couple of demos that have never been heard anywhere,
a Christmas story recitation,
and closing with a beautiful, but obscure song: "Journey's End".
The surface noise will be left on this one.

We have three more songs to record.

It's an exciting concept,
and a new field for us.


Our single on Mickey Newbury's "Sweet Memories"
is still getting good airplay,
and at the same time our new single "Safe Harbor"
is on its way to stations.
A couple of DJ's are already playing it.
All of our Country singles nowadays are on Stardust Records of Nashville.

We have a new Jazz single on the Canadian label "RotoNoto Records".
It's an instrumental we wrote called "Perry Mason Rides Again".
We play all the parts on our keyboards,
with the addition of rhythm and lead guitars
added by Randall Cousins, at RotoNoto, in Toronto.
We did all the basic tracks,
then sent it to Canada for the guitar parts,
and back to us in Florida for the final mix.

We plan to have "Click & Listen" links to all these recordings
posted here soon.

Most of out airplay is overseas now.
We still get some play in the USA and Canada,
but a LOT in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.
Hopefully, the college album will help bring our music back home.

To be continued...

Jack & Misty

Every once in a while we send a blatant commercial,

to high fidelity renditions of
10 songs from Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan CD albums...

"SAFE HARBOR", our new April-May Stardust single







May 15, 2003... Hey there, hi there, chirp chirp. Associate weblackey Lee here, finally getting over a bout with bronchitis and bronchial pneumonia (remember them? The Doublemint Twins? Suuuurrrrrrrrrre we do... :P). Got some new columns in the Essays section, plus the lyrics to one of the songs on Jack and Misty's Rhino college project CD. The song is called "The House," and you can find it in the lyrics section. And a belated Happy Birthday to Jack (May 7th).
May 1, 2003... Hi, gang. A very sick webmaster here attempting to get over the flu and update the site at the same time (it ain't easy, I can tell you!) There are some new essays added in the April and May section, and the link to "Masters of the Keyboard" is working in the "Albums At A Glance" section (scroll down for the link). Also, in that same section you can now access all the lyrics to the "Back In Harmony" Cd.
April 18, 2003... Another new essay by Jack, "Everybody Loves A Clone" in the Essays section (where else?) In other news, Jack and Misty have a new cd coming out soon on Stardust, "Safe Harbor," and are also featured in a new RotoMusic compilation with their remixed version of the Perry Mason theme. I'm taking the weekend off now, as I need to. Thanks, and chirp chirp!
April 16, 2003... Okay gang - everything seems to be in place, and to celebrate - get ready... 20 NEW ESSAYS BY JACK!!! You'll find them in the April section of Jack's Essays. Enjoy!
April 15, 2003... Hi, gang. We're still in the process of fixing broken links, redirecting old departments, and updating other things. (Moving is such a pain, ain't it?) And I don't care what our fearless leader says...I hate Netscape. ;) Thanks for your patience.

April 14, 2003...

Hey there, hi there, etc. Well, the move is just about complete to our brand-new home at Tripod, for which we thank them for the webspace. A few more links need to be activated, but this shouldn't take too much longer. Thanks for your patience. - The webguys at Birdwalk.

March 18, 2003...

Hey there, hi there, ho there and chirp! chirp! You may have thought we'd fallen off the face of the earth, what with no new updates to the site in over a month. Not so. We've just used up our allotted (is that the right spelling?) webspace, and are in the process of trying to find a new webhome to move to. The requirements are tough. Basically, they boil down to two qualifications: 1: Cheap, and 2: Inexpensive. Oh, and lots of webspace, that too... We'll keep you informed as the search progresses. Any overdue essays from Jack will be posted as soon as possible. - Lee (one of the two honyocks involved in putting this site on the web).

February 18, 2003...

Well, hi there and a belated Valentine's Day from your frantic and harried webmeister. And in honor of Valentine's Day, we're finally going to post them! Post what, you ask? Why, the rest of the lyrics to Jack and Misty's BACK IN HARMONY CD, that's what! Look for them this weekend. (Better late than never and all that rot.)

In the meantime, while we're off the subject, howzabout a hand for our other webmaster, Lee? That's right, we're officially moving him up to "webmaster" status this week because he's done such a good... no, make that GREAT!... job keeping the website going. (Thanks, Lee. I couldn't have done it without you.)

Enjoy the rest of your internet, and check the lyrics page this weekend!
All the best,

February 3, 2003...


As long as Will Campbell goes to the trouble
of thinking up or stealing this stuff,
I feel it my duty to pass it on to you.

* * *

When trouble arises and things look bad,
there is always one individual who perceives a solution
and is willing to take command.
Usually that person, is crazy.

Winning isn't everything.
Winning and gloating and rubbing their noses in it ...
That's everything!

Happy New Year, everybody.
We start the new year with a sincere "Thank you"
to our friend Les Swazzo at Rose-Mar International,
for creating this wonderful web page,
with pictures, write-ups, and 10 of our song clips.
Check it out at:

And thanks to Kolya Noble, at Koko's Universe
for putting up these new music listening pages:
To hear the "Sweet Memories" on Stardust, go here:
To hear two of our instrumentals, go here:
"The Perry Mason Theme"
"Six Mexican Bars"

We wish you all a great 2003.
Jack and Misty
Latest News from Jack & Misty...
February 3, 2003...
Four more essays have been added to the Jack's Essays section.

January 10, 2003...

An inside the trailer look at Jack & Misty's New Year's Party.
January 8, 2003...
We are now collaborating with Randall Cousins, of RotoNoto Records, Canada, on a really ENORMOUS version of our arrangement of "The Perry Mason Theme." He has added guitar and organ and is doing a remix in his studio. He sent us an mp3 of the first rough mix, and it sounds great!

Also, we have 3 more songs to go on our CD album for college stations. It will be something really different. Andy Wombwell, producer at Rhino Records created the concept and is sponsoring the project. We hope to have it finished in a few weeks.

One fine New Year's Eve at our house...
Happy New Year from Jack and Misty and Tennessee Birdwalk!
Jack and Misty have some very different New Year's Resolutions for 2003. What's different about them? Well, for one thing, these actually make sense! Go to Jack's Essays to find out what they are. Or, just click here.

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