Old News 2004
For those of you who came in late, here's what you missed...

December 7, 2004...
And now, another chirp from your Webmeister...

Boy, where has this year gone to already?

(And with those sparkling words of wisdom... here's Jack and Misty...)

A WINTER MORNING. By the time you read this it will not be current, but I'm writing at the kitchen table on Christmas morning. It's a little chilly and the steam is swirling up from my coffee cup. Carolers are singing softly and there are church bells. I haven't opened the curtains yet but judging by the grayish light seeping through, it's a winter day. I haven't heard any snowshovels, but it's still a little early. I think I'll plug in the tree lights. Even through the closed curtains snow is visible in the corners of the windows. Holly and candles add color to the room and the silhouette of a Christmas wreath can be seen at the front window. As little as a couple of inches of overnight snowfall can blow into deep white drifts, so I feel around under the bed for my high top boots. The ones with the knife pocket. And I'd better get out my blue flannel shirt. The checkered one. That always feels good and warm on a winter's morning when the snow is squeaky cold. We'd better hurry. We're due at Alan and Vivian's house for Christmas dinner. Funny, I can't seem to find my hightops, or the flannel shirt, or even my sheepskin mittens and earmuffs. Grandma probably put them away somewhere. I'll ask her. No, that's right, I can't ask her. She's not here. She's been gone an awfully long time. Sometimes, especially on Christmas, I forget things like that. I wonder what ever happened to those old winter clothes? Seems like I had 'em just the other day. Or was it 20 years ago? Got to go now, we're late for dinner. Don't forget to turn off the tree lights and the air conditioner. And, oh yes, the stereo Christmas tape. As I step out the door, Christmas presents under each arm, the white glare makes my eyes water. It could be snow. It really could! But I feel the coral rock under my feet as I step down from our motor home and I hear the waves slapping against the shore a few feet to my left. I wonder if they're having snow up home. Jack Blanchard Christmas, 1984.
A Bit of Country Music History... From our Scrapbook... Cover for our 1975 Epic/Columbia LP that was never released.
November 18, 2004... It's been a little over 3 years, but it's been worth the wait. "What?" you ask? Why, the brand-new Jack and Misty CD Collection on Velvet Saw (of course)! It's called "Beginnings" and here's all you need to know:


CD Album available in early December, 2004. (The first 25 will be hand made and signed by Jack & Misty.) To order, click here: mailto:cd@jackandmisty.com

Titles and dates recorded: 1. A PLACE IN MY MIND, 1968 2. TRY ,1975 (Backup vocals 2004 *) 3. LONESOME SONG, 1973 4. SOMETHING ON YOUR MIND 1974 5. CHANGIN’ TIMES, 1968 6. THE SUNSET TRAIN, 1969 7. ASLEEP IN THE SADDLE, 1973 8. TENNESSEE BIRDWALK (The original), 1968 9. MOLASSES IN THE MOONLIGHT, 1974 (Backup vocals 2004 *) 10. YOU GOT YOUR TROUBLES (I’VE GOT MINE), 1968 11. LET’S PRETEND, 1974 12. THE AUTUMN SONG, 1968 13. STILL COMIN’ DOWN, 1975 (Backup vocals 2004 *) 14. LIVIN’ TOGETHER, 1974 15. I’LL GO HOME WITH YOU, 1974 16. WE’VE STILL GOT EACH OTHER, 1975 17. THE DUM SONG, 1968 18. YOU COME SO EASY TO ME (original version), 1973 19. YELLOW BELLIED SAPSUCKER, 1968 20. GEMINI, Early 60’s. Our first record. The musicians: Piano: Hargus Robbins, Misty Morgan, Jack Blanchard. Pedal steel guitar: Pete Drake, Lloyd Green, Buddy Emmons, and Weldon Myrick. Fiddles: Buddy Spicher, Vassar Clements. Bass: Henry Strelecki, Junior Huskey, Bob Moore, Jackie Raye. Lead guitar: Billy Sanford, Pete Wade, Jerry Shook, Doug Tarrant. Synths, Clavinet, and organ: Misty Morgan. Dobro: Lloyd Green. Ryhthm guitar: Bobby Thompson, Pete Wade, Kelso Hurston. Banjo: Bobby Thompson. Drums: Larrie London, Buddy Harmon, Ronny Caban. Harmonica, vibes,tuba, and special effects: Charlie McCoy. Original Backup vocals: The Nashville Edition, The Anita Kerr Singers, Jack & Misty, The Muscle Shoals Singers, and The Lea Jane Singers New backup vocals: Manon's Dream. Studios: Nashville: Woodland, Columbia, Mercury, Music City Recorders. Muscle Shoals: The Music Mill. Miami: Criteria Studios. 2004 backup vocals production:Randall Cousins, Alleged Iguana Records. Original sessions Produced by Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan. * Production notes: Three of the tracks contain minor audio flaws. We felt they were important enough to include here. This was a fun project for us, and we hope it is for you. Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan © 2004. PO Box 470121 Lake Monroe FL 32747 Phone: 407 321 5361 Click here for the dedicated low-tech order form!

A word from our governor. Please click on the link below ------- http://wearabledissent.com/101/floridavote.html
MOLASSES IN THE MOONLIGHT. There is a theme that runs throughout this song lyric. Can you find it? * * * MOLASSES IN THE MOONLIGHT. (Intro) You can have a banana, a peach or a prune But nothing is sweeter Than moonlight in June (Chorus) Molasses in the moonlight Love was sweet, cheek to cheek on that June night World was all behind. We didn't mind. We filled our cups, said bottoms up, and had ourselves a time. Molasses in the moonlight You left my heart on the bum again Oh, the moonlight seems to call your name Molasses ain't the same Don't think I'll ever care for another can What'll I do without... Molasses in the Moonlight and you? (Bridge) How I love that good old country song Mama sang when I was on her knee... And the old molasses pail When Daddy came home from jail We'd warm our buns by the fire And sing and spin tall tales... (Everybody!) (Repeat Chorus for no apparent reason.) Molasses in the moonlight You left my heart on the bum again Oh, the moonlight seems to call your name Molasses ain't the same Don't think I'll ever care for another can What'll I do without... Molasses in the Moonlight and you? Jack Blanchard © 2004. If you'd like to, you can listen or download the mp3 here: http://tinyurl.com/52ct2 It's prettier than you would think. :) Jack Blanchard
October 12, 2004... Hi, everybody. Due to a mixup by BellSouth, any emails you may have sent us in the past week, are somewhere in outer space. Please send them again. Please send all our email to the following address until further notice: cd@jackandmisty.com This is all because of the Florida hurricanes. Our home was so damaged that was no longer liveable. We have just moved into our new place, can't find our toothbrushes, and we're stuck with a dial-up connection until November 5th. We won't be sending or receiving mp3's until then. We hope to hear from you. We missed you! :) Best always, Jack & Misty Now back to the website...
I'm organizing my stories for a book. 34 of my best are already up on this web site: http://www.seo-blog.org/91_jack_blanchards_strange_mind You're invited to check 'em out. :) Jack Blanchard
October 4, 2004... Misty's first solo outing this century... Check it out. Jack "STILL COMIN' DOWN FROM YOU." http://www.kokosuniverse.com/jm/wma/still_comin_down.htm
Hi, friends. Three damaging hurricanes and three evacuations later, we are now in the grueling process of moving to another home. We've been at it for several days (mainly Misty) and there is so much more yet to do. I'm going to have to pull this plug and dig in hard today and for the next few days to get our years of accumulated "treasures" out of here. We have many unanswered messages and unfulfilled commitments to catch up on if we ever get settled in. Besides moving, we have to have our electricity and phone switched and pick up a few pieces of furniture somewhere. Details. When it's all done, we'll sit down in our new living room, polish off a gallon of ice cream, and admire our new non-leaking roof. Best always, Jack & Misty
October 3, 2004... OPERATION HELPING HAND. Hi, everybody. We just finished an enjoyable interview with our good friend Bill Mack. It will be heard on XM Radio, and roughly 100 radio stations. We played and talked about our new Stardust record “If Eggs Had Legs”, but, more importantly, we are trying to raise money for the victims of Florida’s disastrous four hurricanes in a row. The movement is called “Operation Helping Hand” and the number to call for donating is: 1-800-HELPNOW. (1-800-435-7669). Many Country stars are involved in this effort to help people in real trouble. We live here in Florida, have been evacuated three times, and have had our home damaged, so we know the situation first hand. There is a large population of newly homeless folks, many of them seniors, who are not allowed back in their damaged homes, and don’t know where to turn. People are sleeping in cars, or anyplace they can find, and the power outages are enormous. Many are still without running water. FEMA and other help agencies are stretched thin, and much needed help is slow in coming. You can see the stress and depression in the faces of folks you see on the street. Most of Florida’s population could probably use therapy or counseling. Anyway, our fellow Floridians are in bad shape, and we’re happy to do our small part with Operation Helping Hand. We're grateful to Bill Mack for asking us. If you’d like to help, the number again is 1-800-HELPNOW or 1-800-435-7669. Thanks. Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan
We're truly honored to be elected into the New York State Country Music Hall of Fame, as of Saturday 9/25/2004. Our sincere thanks to all the members. Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan
Guess who's coming... Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan Stardust comp #51, track 11. DJ's: Download the radio quality mp3 here: http://www.alleged-iguana.com/radio-radio.htm Click this link to hear a fast loading preview: http://www.kokosuniverse.com/jm/wma/if_eggs_had_legs.htm
Sept. 28, 2004... Hi, everybody, We're home and we're OK... tired and a little the worse for wear. :) Thanks for all the caring messages and calls during hurricane Jeanne.. They mean a lot to us. It was a rough three days and we're glad to be home. We hear so much about FEMA but so far they haven't helped anybody we know since the first hurricane, Charley. Funny how prices go up in a storm. We had two $7 hamburgers, and a $22 pizza, and were semi-happy to get them. We haven't even unpacked the car, so I'll keep this short. Thanks again. More later. Love, Jack & Misty
Sept. 12, 2004... WE'RE BACK! Hi, everybody. We're glad to be home. We've had some structural and water damage. I just took the tarp off my computer, and, hooray!, it works. We've been evacuated twice, for Charley and Frances, but Ivan it going to miss us. That's good news. :) I'm able to walk OK now... the knee and foot are still a little stiff from the fall, but healing fast. Thank you so much for all the caring emails. More soon. Love, Jack & Misty
Sept. 2, 2004... Hi, everybody. This will be our last email to you, for a while anyway, because Hurricane Frances is due to strike here in the early hours of Saturday morning. This hurricane is twice the size of Hurricane Andrew, in fact it's the size of Texas. The eye-wall is 35 miles across compared to Hurricane Charley's eye-wall of 7 miles across. Unlike Hurricane Charley, this hurricane is moving very slowly. The National Hurricane Bureau has stated repeatedly that from the time it strikes land, it will take a full 24 hours to move away from you if you're under it. Hurricane Frances is expected to make landfall around Melbourne, Florida, on the East Coast of Florida. The projected path takes it directly over the City of Orlando and Lake Monroe, where we live. We're leaving our home to the storm and driving to Valdosta, Georgia tomorrow, Thursday. We'll watch the reports from there, and maybe move on to another place. We hope there's something left when we get back. Thank you all for your nice emails. Love, Jack & Misty
Well, friends.

We may be back on line,
and we may not.

Hurricane Charley is headed directly at us,
and we have to go someplace...
not sure where yet.

Meanwhile, we have no insurance
and our life's work is inside these fragile walls.
We hope our irreplaceable things survive.

Please wish us luck,
and a prayer wouldn't hurt.

Later, we hope.

Jack & Misty

PO Box 470121
Lake Monroe FL 32747

Phone: 407 321 5361

Cell phone
(for emergencies,
and if nobody answers our home phone.):
407 416 3760
Will Campbell update. As you may have read in my recent email or on our web site, our musician friend Will Campbell, of the wild sense of humor, is in the hospital recuperating from cancer and a stroke. Our buddy Ric Collins just told me that he talked to Will on the phone today. The conversation went something like this: Ric: "I haven't authorized any vacation for you." Will: "I'm a big boy, and I can do as I please. Are you cheered up yet?" I'm glad that the hospital has cable TV so Will can watch his favorite vintage westerns. Jack Blanchard

Stardust #50 is on its way to you.
To download and play our new song right now, just click here...
"Shadow of a Big Black Bird"

or click below for a fast loading preview...
Love, Jack & Misty

Hi everybody. Many of you have written and told me how much you enjoy Will Campbell's off-beat humor that appears in my column from time to time. Well, our friend Will is in a nursing home recuperating from a stroke which happened during a cancer treatment. I spoke with Will on the phone and the good news is that he's feeling better and hopes to go home in a couple of weeks. Being Will Campbell, he was pretty funny on the phone, as though he were trying to cheer ME up. That's Will. If you would like to send him a card, I'm sure he would appreciate it. Here is the address: WILL CAMPBELL % MANOR CARE NURSING AND REHAB C 2075 LOCH LOMOND DRIVE WINTER PARK, FL 32792 Here's "Wilbur" on stage... Thanks. Jack
Well, hi, there, folks. Hoping you all had a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Up here in Washington, it's been colder than a well-digger's wallet in the Klondike (but then, I guess the same can be said for the Klondike). Meanwhile, here in Birdland (apologies to Charlie Parker and the Manhattan Transfer), things are just about getting back up to speed. Jack and Misty have that new CD coming out (scroll below), they're set up in their new nest (Will these bird analogies never end???), and of course, Jack has a new story to lay on us. It's about a musician who... but let's let Jack tell it. He's better at it than I am, and anyway, he's the hombre what writ it. ;D See ya real soon, your Webmeister, Jerry. (UPDATE: The story in question, "A Steady Gig At Moe's" has finally been moved to the essays section. Click on the title to go directly there.)

Hey there, hi there, ho there, folks. Hoping you all had a safe and
happy four day weekend whereever you are. And while we're off
the subject, we've been asked by Jack to mention his Oldies DJ
pal Glenn Pitts (Consider it done, Jack!) who's over at Top 40 WNET The Net... Top 40 radio the way it USED to be -- only on the internet! (Hey, only too happy, Jack!) Check it out for a REAL blast from the past: http://www.top40wnet.com/


Our XM Satellite radio show is “on hold for a few weeks”.
That’s what we were told a few minutes ago.

They also said stuff like this:
Blame the legal department.
Details have to be worked out.

We just spent several long intense days preparing for it,
so I think I’ll go out and kick a squirrel
if he doesn’t hear me coming.

The show may still be on, because they approached us.
We didn’t go to them.

They asked for samples of our show, and we sent them.
They said we “blew them away”,
and they couldn’t wait to get us on the air!

They were excited, and so we got excited,
and then we tried to get you excited.
Now I’m trying to calm the world back down.

I’m sorry if you postponed your wedding to hear our show,
but I’m going to stop all labor on this project
until we get it on paper.

Red faced, Jack Blanchard * * * Click & listen to our new Stardust Records single "CAROLINA SUNDOWN RED": http://www.kokosuniverse.com/jm/mp3/carolina_sundown_red.htm
Hi, folks. Boy, talk about Hurry Up and Wait! It seems like it's been that way a lot around the ol' BirdHaus lately. Still trying to update the backlog of essays (et al) piling up in my ol' inbox. (Where does that time get to?) Speaking of which, Jack's most recent essay deals with that very subject: "Lost Time". You can read it by clicking on that title.

As always, more to come.

Chirp chirp,
Jerry, your friendly neighborhood slowly recovering webmaster.

Hi everybody.

Our friend, Jerry Pippin, talk show host, DJ, philosopher, and all-around media personality, has put together such a beautiful Christmas page, we have to refer you to it.

So much to see and hear! Contributions by many big stars, and if you scroll WAY down, you'll even find us.

Click here for a Christmas treat.

- Jack & Misty


Our strange friend Will Campbell has been thinking about Christmas...
Our strange friend Will

"Why do some people try to hijack Santy Claus Day
the most important commercial holiday of the year,
and try to make it into some kind of religious event?"

"I leave you with the immortal words of the Wise Man
who was overheard telling Joseph,
"16 BC was a good year for Myrrh."


Jack and Misty

Jack and Misty singing "A Handful of Dimes".
We find it hard to do anything with a straight face,
as you'll hear in this attempt at a liner for radio.
It's a tiny mp3, and should play on any player.
Just click on the above picture to download it.

[Flag Campaign icon] Support freedom.
Thank you for your early response to our new song... "The House" Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan Stardust Comp #48, Track #12. PREVIEWS: Fast connections:http://www.kokosuniverse.com/jm/wma/the_house.htm Dial-up connections:http://lswazzo.topcities.com/JackNMisty/jacknmisty.html We sing only on Stardust Records. TENNESSEE BIRDWALK, THE JACK & MISTY HOME PAGE: https://birdwalk1.tripod.com/jandmnews.htm Jack and Misty.
March 11, 2004... We're celebrating the 34th anniversary of our first hit record... Here's a picture of us kids recording it... BILLBOARD #1 COUNTRY HITS OF 1970 It's Just A Matter Of Time - Sonny James - #1 Tennessee Birdwalk - Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan - #1 The Fightin' Side Of Me - Merle Haggard - #1 Is Anybody Going To San Antone - Charlie Pride - #1 The Pool Shark - Dave Dudley - #1 My Love - Sonny James - #1 Hello Darlin' - Conway Twitty - #1 He Loves Me All The Way - Tammy Wynette - #1 Wonder Could I Live There Anymore - Charlie Pride - #1 For The Good Times - Ray Price - #1 Don't Keep Me Hangin' On - Sonny James - #1 All For The Love Of Sunshine - Hank Williams Jr - #1 There Must Be More To Love - Jerry Lee Lewis - #1 Sunday Morning Coming Down - Johnny Cash - #1 Run Woman Run - Tammy Wynette - #1 I Can't Believe That You've Stopped Loving Me - Charlie Pride - #1 15 Years Ago - Conway Twitty - #1 Endlessly - Sonny James - #1 Coal Miners Daughter - Loretta Lynn - #1 Rose Garden - Lynn Anderson - #1 Joshua - Dolly Parton - #1 Help Me Make It Through The Night - Sammi Smith - #1 Flesh And Blood - Johnny Cash - #1


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