Old News 2001
For those of you who came in late, here's what you missed...

Hi! Well, a lot's been going on behind the scenes at the ol' birdhouse here, so
much that I couldn't get everything on it in time. (Darn.) But to update you:
We have ten new lyrics on the lyrics page! (Told you I'd get around to putting them up.) Specifically, they're: Heartaches; I'm Down To The End Of The Wine; Molasses In The Moonlight; Motel Time; Rusty And The Cowboys; Safe Harbor; The Family Band; The Love Habit; The Poinciana Bar; and You Can't Say That I Didn't Try. (WHEW!)
(For those of you who've been expecting the latest batch of pictures, my apologies. I'll try and get them up this weekend if I can.)

And speaking of pictures... here's a message from Jack and Misty:
Hurray!!! We've got our Sunset Train picture back!
It's not the old painting, but a brand new picture designed for us by our friend, graphics artist
Kolya Noble. All we can say is: WOW!
Take a look.

Jack and Misty

Well, that's it for this year. I'll be on break until the first Monday in January. In the meantime, I hope all of your holidays have been a joy so far, and here's looking forward to more fun in 2002!

All the best, Jerry D. Withers
December 26, 2001

Hi! We've just launched a low-tech online order form. If you're wondering what that is, click here to find out. (By the way, here is the present catalog and price list:
"Back From the Dead, Vol. 2" (23 songs, all vocals) $14.95.
"A Little Out of Sync" $14.95. (19 songs, all vocals) $14.95.
"JAck anD MiStY aRe CrAzY" (17 original funny songs) $14.95.
"Masters Of the Keyboards" (10 original Jack & Misty instrumentals) $11.95.
"Back In Harmony" (10 songs) $9.95.

Please add $2.95 for each CD for packaging and shipping. For songlists or other information, please email us at jackandmisty@jackandmisty.com or click here CD@jackandmisty.com)

We just found a few cases of a CD we recorded in 1993. The title is "Back In Harmony". It's the only recording we ever made that we didn't produce. That's why it's only $9.95. (But, it's not bad...really.)
Jack and Misty.

To order, send a email to CD@jackandmisty.com

Hi, everybody. Have a cigar!

The new Jackie Burns page is up on MKOC!
We believe in Jackie, and we give our sincere thanks to Marli, for putting together the beautiful page, and the samples of Jackie's music.
This is a preview of a long awaited album, by a great artist. The CD will be ready in early 2002.
You'll also see photos of Jackie with Tom T. Hall (Who she sang duets with) and James Garner, and hear some great music.
Just click here:

And listen to six of Jackie Burns' songs At The Showcase Click here

New Jack & Misty Page at Rose-Mar International.


We'd like to have you visit the Jack & Misty page at RMI. Les Swazzo has put together a beautiful web site where you can listen to, and DOWNLOAD our music.
We have some great friends. The other day I wrote and published a story called "The Old Man", about a man who had only three days to live his whole life. I've gotten a lot of rewarding letters in response to it. Thanks.

Here's the thing:
There's a word in it that rhymes with class. One friend suggested that some might hesitate to put it in their publications, post it, or just send it to friends, because of that word.

As an author, I think it's exactly the word that old man would use, but there's a deeper message to it that I'd like to share with as many people as possible.

I have a SANITIZED version. If you'd like a copy, let me know and I'll send it.


Hi! This is a commercial break.

Our new single "Call On Me" has been shipped this morning (June 15) by Stardust, on compilation #30. This is our most recently written and recorded song. Please give it a listen.


Jack & Misty

Raymond Peace sent the following note our way:

"Handful of Dimes should be on the lyrics page at some point (suggestion)
Ditto about the WSM interview, I'd like to hear it (there should be a way to put it on the web site, if its found and if they're agreeable)"
Raymond Peace.

I'm with you on both counts, Raymond! I'd love to get more lyrics up there (I'm looking forward to adding such goodies as "Molasses In The Moonlight," and "The Cockroach Stomp" (Bug bug bug bug down, doobie doobie down, cow cow down, doobie doobie down...) Unfortunately, at the moment, I've exhausted my supply of lyrics (I only had what was available to me in my record and CD collection to work with - is that a hint or what?) (UPDATE: "A Handful Of Dimes" is now on the lyrics page!) And as for the WSM interview, we're still hoping that somebody - ANYBODY recorded it! Hopefully, things will work out. Thanks for writing, Raymond!


If you know of anybody who may have taped our interview on WSM with Keith Bilbrey last week, please let us know. Here's Keith's letter. We'll let him explain.

Keith Bilbrey wrote:

I am sorry to report that our main studio got hit by lightning shortly after our interview and wiped out some major files in our computer, one of which was our interview. I should have rolled an old-fashioned tape, but I didn't. I really hate it, because I wanted a copy of that tape personally. If anyone in your network of fans taped it, I would sure like to have a copy personally. I guess it's live by the computer, die by the computer.
By the way, I saw Charlie Douglas Thursday night and told him hello for you and he said to send you his regards. Please let me know if you ever get up this way. Again, I apologize for not getting a copy of the show.

And now, a message from Misty:

Dear friends, Just a note to tell those of you who are waiting for CDs, tapes, or other material from us, that it will be another two or three week delay...doctors' orders. Apparently Jack's medical condition is partly due to stress, and he's been ordered to lighten up on his work load for a few weeks...a semi vacation for health. You haven't been forgotten. Thank you for your patience. Sincerely, Misty -- Email: jack@jackandmisty.com Web Site: http://jackandmisty.com Phone: 407 321 5361. FAX: 407 330 1611. Mail: P.O. Box 470121, Lake Monroe FL 32747-0121.


First from Jack and Misty: Thank you Alex.

Alex Cullum wrote to:

ECMA Awards. I have just read your list for the forthcoming awards. A very comprehensive list, however in my view you have left out in the 'Duo/Band section' one of the most impressive duo's that are performing today. 'Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan'. None of the names listed (who deserve to be there without argument) have done so much, or have such lyrical and musical talent as 'Jack and Misty'. None of those listed have contributed to 'Country' so much as 'Jack and Misty'. I cannot perceive under, or for what reason they are not included in your list. Alex Cullum, Boots-n-Saddles, Radio Hallingdal, Norway. http://www.mkoc.com/Boots-n-Saddles/

Hi, friends.

Just a note to say this:

With the Grammy Nomination, Billboard Duet of the Year, etc., we have plenty of awards, so don't worry about us if we're overlooked by one. We're fine. Thank you for caring, and for all your supportive letters.


Jack and Misty

Date: Tue, 05 Jun 2001 15:11:30 -0400
From: Jack Blanchard
Subject: WSM Interview.


We just did a full hour interview with Keith Bilbrey on WSM-AM, in Nashville. It was a lot of fun. Keith is a good guy, and a fine interviewer with a sense of humor.

He told us that somebody in Production was supposed to be taping it, and if so, he would send it to us.

We'll let everybody know when the tape comes in, and anyone who asks will be sent a copy.

What a nice way to start a day! (We are not early risers.)


Jack & Misty

From the U.K., Ray Grundy's Metro Country.

Click here for the new cd review, and to hear three cuts: http://members.nbci.com/metrocountry/CDreview1B.htm


And while we're globehopping, check out this review from Finland:


Well, hi, folks. A couple of weeks (or so) ago, my former email server decided to discontinue its email service. Bleah. :P So, now, if you want to send anything to your friendly neighborhood webmaster, here's the address to use:


In other news, the lyrics page has been massively updated! We now have ALL of the lyrics from the Wayside and Mega albums! (I would be most remiss at this point if I didn't thank Petr, in the Czech Republic, for posting them in the first place, and my brother Lee (who has the original LPs), not to mention Jack, for their invaluable corrections. Thanks to all.)

And now, a message from Jack and Misty:

To our friends.

We are interested in relocating, preferably to Tennessee. Nothing fancy. We're interested more in economy and hominess.

We can take our phones, computers, radio, TV, Fax, and musical equipment, to stay in business. What we'd like to do is get away from Florida's high traffic, construction, and booming growth. We'd like a little more scenery and less traffic.

If you have any information, ideas, or can help in any way, please email us at: jack@jackandmisty.com


Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan.

Hi, all, and Chirp Chirp! Your humble webmaster, Jerry here. Well, a lot has been happening here around the website; so much so that there's barely any time to tell you about it. (Or even do it anymore! Ah, the joys of webmasterdom...) In brief, though:

  • Thanks to Petr Vitous' site over in Prague (see below), we finally have a complete Album Discology! Thanks, Petr!
  • Jack and Misty's brand new Stardust single, "Shadows Of The Leaves," has just been released. If you're a Program Director and you haven't got your copy yet, contact Col. Buster Doss at Stardust Records, and he'll set you up with one. That addy is "cbd@vallnet.com".
  • If you're wondering what other people have said about the CD, click here to read their comments!
  • The thumbnails page has been repaired! Click here to see the results!
  • Still another delay with the lyrics. (Will it never end?!?) Please be patient, folks.

And that's about it for the new stuff. (So much to do, so little time... but it's fun.) On the behind-the-scenes front (now there's an oxymoron waiting to happen!), my brother Lee (who did that great job with the sheet music and also designed our banners) has now been promoted to assistant webmaster. And that's about all the news from the northwestern end of the site, except to say that if you're a first time visitor, welcome to the wired world of Jack and Misty.

Cheers, Jerry D. Withers, webmaster.
May 10th, 2001
(You can reach me, by the way, at j_withers@lycos.com)
P.S.: To everyone who wrote back to me regarding my recent guestbook post, a heartfelt thank you.) And now, I turn it over to Jack and Misty, with another special message...

Mysterious Ways.

Funny how things work out.
I just listened to a rough tape of a biography I was trying to write a couple of years ago. What a downer! I thought we had no friends, and not much hope of getting back to our music in any meaningful way. I have a Joe Cocker record of "With A Little Help From My Friends", but it sounded like fantasy to me at that time. It has turned out to be just the reverse.
Our CD album title, "Back From The Dead" is no accident. I won't go into all the maudlin details. Let's just say we went through a long rough spot, but we're back!
Please bear with me while I thank a few people who mostly don't know each other, but like a team, got us back on track:
Sam Atchley, our friend who has helped us in many ways;
Mike Miller, our friend, who set it up for us to make the new album, and a great talent himself;
Jerry Withers, who we've never met. He's our masterful webmaster who had our web page going strong before we even knew about it;
Wayne Kelley, our friend who bought us our first computer for our anniversary, October 7th, 2000;
Peter Berlin, a friend who reappeared in our life after 30 years;
Chuck Dixon, who kept us encouraged for the past year and a half, and listens to our words;
Dick Shuey, who helped us find our voice, and who writes me funny emails;
Colonel Buster Doss, who is bringing us hope for 2001.
There are many others, but only so much space.
This sounds like the kind of speech you get when getting an award. No trophies here, but we've been awarded friends we didn't know we had. And we're finding new ones all the time.

Jack, for Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan.
January 20, 2001.

Jack and Misty are now part of the Real World... that is, Kuntry's Real Music World! Click here to enter the site, go to the "Recording Artists" billboard, and click on Jack and Misty's photo. (You can also hear them singing their recent hit "Somewhere In Virginia In The Rain" there, too!)


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