Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan have released a 23 cut CD album called "Back From the Dead, Vol.2". It features most of their worldwide hit songs, including..."Tennessee Birdwalk"..."Rings of Gold"..."Legendary Chickenfairy"..."Shadows of the Leaves" and many more favorites. One of the best albums we have ever reviewed. Thanks Jack & Misty for music to believe in.
Feb 2001 - Indie World Country CD Review
      Mention Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan to a country fan and I'll guarantee the songs "Tennessee Birdwalk" and "Rings Of Gold" come up in the conversation. And why not? Those two hits have really stood the test of time and, thankfully, are included here. But there is so much more to this talented couple as this generous 23 track programme proves. Jack is one of country's truly great writers and the warmth and honesty of the couple's voices make each song a personal statement. Wonderful performances of "Somewhere In Virginia In The Rain", "There Must Be More To Life Than Growing Old", "Something On Your Mind?", "Sweet Memories" and "You Come So Easy To Me". A listening experience! Star Track: Got to be - "Rings Of Gold". Rating: 10.

    Pete Smith, London, England for The Advertiser", January 26, 2001.

~~~ Country Fryed ~~~

Hi folks. Well, if you like duos, you'll love these two 'lovebirds'. Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan, singin' some of the best country duets I've ever heard, have a new album titled "Back From the Dead, volume 2". I hope you'll click on my website, and take a peek at the review I just wrote about them. What a treat this one is!! The album, I mean. (smile) I know you're gonna like it, and if ya don't, well, you're just not really the country music lover you said you were. But you WILL like it! I promise! if not, I'll refund your money in full, including postage and handling....Huh?? what am I saying? never mind, itís late and I'm startin' to hallucinate..... Go ahead, check it out at http://www.mkoc.com/CountryFryed/ Oh, and hey, you haven't signed my book lately....I won't mention any names here, but YOU know who I'm talkin' to. (smile)
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