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  1. "Looking Back At 2004" - The year in review. (Jan. 2)
  2. "The Two Big Country Music Questions" - You mean there's only two left? (Jan. 2)
  3. "Classic Poetry" - A lyric for the ages. (Jan. 6)
  4. "Driving Hints From Wilbur" - Yeah, yeah, we know... but you oughta see him putt. (Jan. 9)
  5. "Correct Songwriting Positions" - Pay attention, folks. This stuff is important. (Jan. 11)
  6. "The Friendship Quiz" - Mayf Nutter has since changed his name... to Barbara Stanwyck... (Jan. 12)
  7. "The Music Tests" - And you know what they say opinions are like... (Jan. 12)
  8. "Another Will Campbell Talent" - Surprise! (Jan. 13)
  9. "Teaching A Pig To Sing" - Tonight only, Porky Pig as Pagliacci. It should be interesting. (Jan. 14)
  10. "I Like The Easy Way" - That's why the good Lord gave us corn flakes... (Jan. 20)
  11. "The Tear" - A tale of photographic memories. (Jan. 20)
  12. "The Equalizer" - You gotta have a sense of humor. Wonder why? Try this. (Jan. 21)
  13. "Who Is Bertram C. Legg? (2005 version)" - There are some eternal questions that just keep popping up. This is one of those that makes you ask, "Why?!?" (Jan. 21)
  14. "The Good Doctor" - (Jan. 23)
  15. "The Big War" - Puting it all in perspective. (Jan. 24)
  16. "Fuzzy Little West Virginians" - Anything I could add here will get me in trouble... (Jan. 27)
  17. "Chaos In The Music Business" - Or, The Chaos Factor, revisited... (Jan. 28)
  18. "If I Were King" - I'd abdicate. (Jan. 30)

  1. "Too Fast For Nude Leapfrog" - I don't want to watch and I don't want to know. (Feb. 2)
  2. "A Special: We Are Not Divorced" - Still. (Feb. 4)
  3. "How I Write Songs, Chapter 173" - Pay attention, class! Jack's Songwriting School is back in session... (Feb. 9)
  4. "No Heads Please" - As George Carlin once said, (quote) "Between head cheese and blood tongue, I may never eat again!" (Feb. 19)
  5. "How Classical Music Was Born" - And after that, the papa went into Haydn. (PLEASE don't hit me.) (Feb. 19)
  6. "Great Artists Who Have Been Passed By" - Not if Jack and Misty have anything to do with it... (Feb. 21)
  7. "A Little Background On "Try"" - Or, How to assemble a classic in one easy lesson. (Feb. 28)

  1. "TV Stuff I Hate" - Me, if Ty Pennington isn't yelling through a bullhorn, I don't watch it. That's just me. (March 7)
  2. "More On Songwriting" - As opposed to the drivel we're fed nowadays... 'moron' songwriting... (March 9)
  3. "Car Sickness" - Is there a mechanic in the house? There is? Why aren't you in the garage where you belong? (March 10)
  4. "The Good Old Days Myth" - Cue the explosions! (That's what this site needs... a few more 'splosions...) (March 13)
  5. "Success In Music Still Possible" - All you gotta do is remember to sidestep the road apples. (March 14)
  6. "Explaining The Monkey" - So what's to explain? Makes sense to me... (March 16)
  7. "Dreams And Ambitions" - We all have them. THESE, I'm not too sure about... (March 21)
  8. "Ask Your Doctor" - We interrupt this website for this important filmed message. (March 25)
  9. "Stalking An Old Friend" - Or, proceed at your own risk... (March 29)
  10. "Indie Basics For Newcomers" - A refresher course for those who showed up without a note. (March 30)

  1. "Breaking Out" - Okay Louie, it's settled. I'll dig the tunnel, you bring the keyboards... (April 18)
  2. "The Little Brown Bottle" - Another cautionary tale. Of sorts. Kind of... (April 22)

  1. "Adopt A Bird" - It's easy. It's simple. It's... well... cheep. (Please don't hit me.) (May 27)

  1. "How You Can Tell When I'm Happy" - Possibly anywhere except Virginia City... (July 15)
  2. "Know What I'm Sayin'?" - Lest anyone out there thinks Jack has no respect for the English language... think again. (July 24)
  3. "Lost In The Crowd" - But thankfully, found here, Jack as interpreted by Mike Miller and Joel Mathis. Enjoy. (July 24)
  4. "Songs From Space" - Well, somebody has to buck that 95% curve... (July 25)

  1. "The Ballad Of Slim Nozzle" - You know what the frightening part is? It could actually happen... (August 3)
  2. "My RealPlayer Hates Me" - From our "Technology. Bah!" department... (August 3)
  3. "When The Blues Come In From The Rain" - You wonder how some songs come about? Here's one story... (August 7)
  4. "What To Do On A Rainy Day" - Gee, all I ever find in my closet is... lint... (August 9)
  5. "Song Babies" - And with some care and nurturing, imagine what they'll grow up to be... (August 10)
  6. "Vassar Clements (It's Hard To Say Goodbye)" - And it is, too. A tribute to one of the greatest fiddle players of all time. (August 16)
  7. "Being Cool" - It's sometimes not so hot. Sometimes. (August 18)
  8. "I May Never Act My Age" - Nor should you, Jack. (August 24)
  9. "A Spontaneous Burst Of Philosophy" - (August 24)
  10. "Those Oily Devils" - (August 24)
  11. "Time Snapshots" - (August 26)

  1. "Americans In Hell" - Our government inaction [Yes, you're reading that right...] (Sept. 3)
  2. "Thinkwalking" - (Sept. 5)
  3. "Swatting Butterflies" - Well, everybody's gotta have a hobby... (Sept. 7)
  4. "Take The Time Machine To New Orleans" - (Sept. 27)

  1. "Our Big Night Out" - A night to... um... oh yeah... remember.... (Oct. 6)
  2. "Rocky And Farky" - Names make the man. Here's proof... (Oct. 9)
  3. "Quotations I Made Up" - (Oct. 10)
  4. "Dummies Rule" - This explains why I hardly watch TV anymore. (Oct. 11)
  5. "A Journey Home" - A return trip to the Memory City... this time by rail. (Oct. 15)
  6. "Thinking Inside The Box" - Some brief observations from Chairman Jack... (Oct. 16)
  7. "The News" - Self explanatory. (Oct. 18)
  8. "Misty's Radar" - Speaking of thinking inside the box... (Oct. 19)
  9. "The Best Places" - A mini-guide for touring musicians. (Oct. 22)
  10. "How Men And Women Watch TV" - Stop us if this sounds familiar... (Oct. 23)
  11. "The Mysterious Phone Call" - Some things are just hard to explain. Like this... (Oct. 24)

  1. "Wolf And Camille" - For dog lovers everywhere. (Nov. 1)
  2. "Songs About Musicians" - Hey, lieder, strike down the bands... strike the set... (Nov. 2)
  3. "A Song Idea From The Funny Papers" - Who's that little chatterbox? (Nov. 5)
  4. "One Songwriter's Pet Lines" - The good news is, they're really easy to care for... (Nov. 6)
  5. "More Thinkwalking" - Better lace up your tennis shoes, folks. Jack's at it again... (Nov. 7)
  6. "Luck" - "I don't believe in luck. It's the last refuge of the superstitious." (Me.) (Nov. 8)
  7. "The Ferret In The Moon" - I've got a great joke here, but I can't use it... (Nov. 10)
  8. "Christmas Enough" - Oh, there's nothing like a poem for the holidays... (Nov. 16)

  1. "The Big War" - Lest we forget... (Dec. 7)
  2. "This Is The Shortest Day Of The Year" - Don't say we didn't warn you. (Dec. 21)


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