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  1. "Stolen Songs" - Finally, an explanation that makes sense! (Jan. 1)
  2. "The America I Know" - An invitation to non-Americans overseas. (Jan. 2)
  3. "Don't Be Too Happy" - I've had mornings like this that lasted all year. (Jan. 3)
  4. "Chuck Dixon. A Secret" - I'll say it again. We need more Chuck Dixons. (Jan. 3)
  5. "The Eye Of The Beholder" - A response to a response to "The America I Know". (Jan. 5)
  6. "Please Help Our Wildlife" - A blatant appeal for funds, which, like all the rest, can be ignored. But I wouldn't advise it. (Jan. 8)
  7. "Weasel Words" - I think you'll agree, they speak for themselves. (Jan. 8)
  8. "The Compulsive Writer" - Extra credit course from Jack's Songwriting Class. (Jan. 9)
  9. "My Athletic Career" - Webmaster thinks: His sounds even worse than mine. (Jan. 10)
  10. "Life's Little Mysteries" - Even Ellery Queen couldn't solve THIS one! (Jan. 16)
  11. "Children Of The Apes (Updated)" - Expanding on a previous expounding. (Jan. 17)
  12. "Words From The Ivory Tower" - And a response from Jack. (Jan. 24)
  13. "Unusual Song Titles" - An email challenge from Jack...and boy, did he get answers! (Jan. 24/26)
  14. "The Old Man" - A slightly updated version of a story from last June. (Jan. 31)

  1. "Who Do We Sound Like?" - To all those singers who've thought: There's an echo in this career... You're right. Here's why. (Feb. 5)
  2. "Axis Of Evil" - Don't blame Jack for this one. It's all Eddie O'Strange's* doing.
    (*A DJ pal from New Zealand.)
  3. "The Guru And Me" - Move over, Jack Handy. Jack Blanchard's got some deeper thoughts... (Feb. 12)
  4. "The Case For Me And Joe DiMaggio (updated)" - Take 2... (Feb. 12)
  5. "Words To Live By" - Ignore these at your peril, folks. (Feb. 14)
  6. "Wings Of The Buffalo" - Tour guide: Jack. 'Nuff said. (Feb. 24)

  1. "Is It Country?" - What makes it Country, anyway? (March 2)
  2. "Response To 'Is It Country?'" (Other Voices) - Ron Dawson takes up the gauntlet. (March 3)
  3. "My Dog" - Short? Yes. Poignant? Welllllll.... (March 9)
  4. "A Discouraging Word" - Hide the wimmen and children... Will Campbell strikes again! (March 20)
  5. "Response To A Reader" - The 'Is It Country'-versy continues. (March 20)
  6. "The Beef Goes On" - And on and on... (March 21)
  7. "Tommy Hill And Me" - Remembering a Nashville institution. (March 22)
  8. "Joel Mathis" - The voice lives on... (March 26)
  9. "Jack Blanchard, Songwriter" - By way of an introduction... an introduction. (March 28)
  10. "Words To Live By (Part 2)" - Okay, so they're not all "War and Peace"... (March 28)
  11. "A Rough Day" - In loving memory. (March 30)

  1. "The Longest Summer" - With apologies to Mark Twain (Apr 6)
  2. "A Good Idea" - As someone who used to work in one of those places, let me say... it's a GREAT idea!!! (Apr. 7)
  3. "Bad Medicine" - Hear, hear!! (Apr. 8)
  4. "Want To Help? Here's Your Chance" - You know, it just might work! (Apr. 8)
  5. "Sound Bites" - A Jack Blanchard sampler. (Apr. 9)
  6. "My Operation" - The saga begins. (Apr. 14)
  7. "Revenge Chicken" - The saga continues. Such as it is. (Apr. 15)
  8. "My Old Friend" - Please file under 'Humor'. (Apr. 22)

  1. "Is Indie Music A Career Or An Expensive Hobby?" - Jack holds court. Again. (May 5)
  2. "Pirates On The High C's" - Attention, Senator Biden... this is your reality check calling... (May 8)
  3. "Sing A New Song" - I've heard that song before... but where?!? (May 10)
  4. "Spam This." - Period. (May 12)
  5. "The Secret Life Of An Indie Single" - Totally committed to major independents (Apologies to Bob Seger). (May 17)
  6. "You Stink." - Repeat: NOT constructive criticism. (That would be, "That building looks like it was designed by a monkey.") (May 24)
  7. "Isn't It Fun?" - The true joys of the music business. Really. (May 27)

  1. "Survival Of The Dumbest" - The scary part is, in a few years they'll be able to vote... (June 4)
  2. "The Internet As A Form Of Life" - If you call that living. (June 8)
  3. "Sometimes I Get Deep" - The "Geezer/American" elucidates on the previous column. (June 9)
  4. "The Jerk Next Door" - There's more than you think... (June 12)
  5. "The New Nicer Me." - Did we ever doubt it? (June 13)
  6. "Old Birds" - Can we hear an emphatic "CHIRP! CHIRP!"?...(June 15)

  1. "The Land of Sunshine" - "Remember, a day without sunshine is like...night!" - Steve Martin (July 13)
  2. "An Offer That's Hard To Refuse" - Now, really, how can you pass up something like THIS? (July 15)
  3. "Chord Discrimination" - Once more, Jack waxes eloquent on a subject he knows a lot about... (July 15)
  4. "Has-Beens Wanted" - Pay attention, gang - has Jack got a wake-up call for you! (July 15)
  5. "I Miss My Spam." - Okay, everybody sing: Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam... (July 16)
  6. "An Overflow of Wisdom." - Oh, anything WE could say would just be superfluous... (July 17)
  7. "I'd Rather Moon Congress." - Didn't we sing that in church last Sunday? "I'd rather moon congress/than silver or gold..." Maybe not. (July 21)
  8. "Ode to the Venus of Willendorf" - An 'Other Voices" contribution by Jack's sister Val. (July 22)
  9. "The 'Keep It Country' Oath"/"Response To The 'Oath'" - Setting the new land-speed record for responses to one of Jack's email columns! (July 24)
  10. "Country Home" - A place in Jack's mind where he sometimes goes... (July 25)
  11. "Aggravate? Moi?" - Yep...Jack's back in business, all right. (July 26)
  12. "Dear Jack (Jack Blanchard's Advice Column)" - Ever wonder where the next Dear Abby is coming from? Keep wondering.(July 29)
  13. "The Dog Telegram" - And after he's through with that, he'll go limping out into the street... looking for the man who shot his paw... (July 29)
  14. "Commercial Affection" - A long-lost Jack Blanchard column reappears. (July 29)
  15. "Shopping Trip" - Go ahead - tell us you've never felt this way. (July 30)

  1. "Those Pesky Homeless" - More social commentary from Jack. (August 4)
  2. "More On The Homeless" - And even MORE social commentary from our fearless leader. (August 5)
  3. "A True Payola Story" - "Oh, 'The Old Payola Roll Blues,' eh?" - Stan Freberg, 1960. "Ohhhhh, yeah." - Us. (August 12)
  4. "The Last Word on the Fake Divorce Deal" - Oh, let's HOPE so! (August 12)
  5. "Bat Masterson and the New Payola" - That's about as good a name for a group as Ben Steele 'N' His Bare Hands... oh, it's not about... okay, I'll shut up... (August 14)
  6. "The Insanity Defense" - An "Other Voices" contribution from Ron Wiggins (August 15)
  7. "Taking Care Of Everybody Else" - Jack makes a point. (August 20)
  8. "It Must Be Love" - Which is always as good a reason as any. (August 21)
  9. "Thank You Very Much" - Just an idea (or is it a self-fulfulling prophecy?) (August 21)
  10. "Politics And Insane Asylums" - Our friend Will Campbell ventures an opinion. (Er, Will... there's a difference?!?) (August 22)
  11. The Dancing Homeless" - An entertaining observation. Literally. (August 22)
  12. "Indies Need To Stick Together" - He's right, you know... (August 22)
  13. "Indie Artists, Blow Your Own Horn." - And why not? (August 31)

  1. "All Applause, Please. No Boo's." - How to get along with our fearless leader. (Sept. 6)
  2. "A Job For Big Lefty" - Someone needs an attitude adjustment...(Sept. 7)
  3. "Waiting For Something Good" - Joe South sure got it right...(Sept. 9)
  4. "Things I Rarely Say" - "The less said, the better." - Marcel Marceau (not really, but I thought it was funny...)(Sept. 10)
  5. "My Duct Tape Ordeal: A Look Back" - A slightly revised version of an all-time classic (Sept. 15)
  6. "Man Loses Bird" - Write your own joke here. (Sept. 17)
  7. "Full Circle" - Point to ponder by Chairman Jack. (Sept. 24)
  8. "Curiosity" - Reminds me of an Elayne Boosler joke I heard on Hollywood Squares back in 1979...(Sept. 25)
  9. "Potso" (Sept. 25)
  10. "Uncle Jack's Pep Talks for Songwriters and Artists" - Pay attention, class - Uncle Jack is at it again. (Sept. 25)
  11. "What I Would Like Them To Say At My Funeral" - Thanks to cousin Donna for this one! (Sept. 27)

  1. "I'm More Country Than You Are" - Let the debates continue! (October 14)
  2. "Doctors Abandon Patients In Florida" - Anything I could add would be wasted words. (October 17)

  1. "Two Questions About The War" - Stand by with those NERF brickbats... (Nov. 1)
  2. "Why I'm Not Voting" - There's GOTTA be a joke somewhere... (Nov. 5)
  3. "Who Is Bertram C. Legg?" - I think that's a legitimate question. I'll be go-to-heck if I know...(Nov. 7)
  4. "Breast Implants. 2B Or Not 2B" - That is a question?!?!? (Nov. 9)
  5. "Something To Tick Off Everybody" - And of course, knowing our fearless leader... (Nov. 11)
  6. "Religion, Politics, and Raccoons" - I vote for the raccoons! (Nov. 12)
  7. "The Motorcycle Gang" - Which explains the high price of... er... something... (Nov. 17)
  8. "Donn" - In loving memory. (Nov. 17)
  9. "Classic Country???" - What is it? Fortunately, as usual, Jack's got the answer...(Nov. 19)
  10. "Age Will Get A Fight From Me" - Round Two of the Cavalcade of Sports! (Nov. 25)

  1. "A Winter's Morning, 1974" - A Jack Blanchard Christmas tale revisited. (Dec. 6)
  2. "Yet More From Will Campbell" - Don't say we didn't warn ya...'cause we did.
  3. "Does Anybody Else Feel Like This?" - Complete with a photo of "Mister Bigshot." (Dec. 20)
  4. "A Word From The Wise Is Sufficient" - And yet still more from Will Campbell...(Dec. 23)
  5. "Our New Year's Resolutions" - Finally - resolutions that make sense! (Dec. 31)



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