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"Two Questions About The War"

I don't think any of us little civilians know enough 
to have an opinion on this matter, 
so I just have a couple of questions. 

Maybe I haven't been paying enough attention, 
but nobody has shown me that invading Iraq 
would prevent future terrorist attacks on America. 

In fact, if Hussein sees he's definitely going down, 
he's most likely to make one last grand gesture, 
and hand off his weapons of mass destruction 
(if he has them, which has been claimed but not shown) 
to al Quaeda. 
That would make us a lot less safe. 

Pres. Bush says the war will be to protect Saddam's neighboring nations from him, 
and yet those neighboring nations are opposed to the USA attacking Iraq. 

Much of the terrorist funding and support comes from Saudi Arabia, 
and somehow they are our buddies. 

I think Saddam Hussein is an evil and dangerous leader, 
but attacking Iraq now is not a plan arrived at by any known logic. 
And many people will die, 
including American service people. 

Maybe a little more rational thought and discussion is called for. 

Or let's attack Canada, just to confuse the world, 
and to divert the public attention from our lousy domestic situation. 

Probably we should go after the terrorists in covert ways, 
not another Normandy invasion. 
They are outdated, except for dramatic effect, 
and Steven Spielberg already did it in "Private Ryan". 

My questions are these: 
Why is it always the people who won't have to actually fight 
that shout the war cries? 
Iraq is no an immediate threat to us, 
so what's the rush? 

I'm sure I'll get some answers. 
Please be gentle with me. 

Copyright  November 1, 2002 by Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved.


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