Two Sides of Jack & Misty
The Liner Notes

Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan fans are legion. Many of the nation's leading disk 
jockeys, for example, know and appreciate them for their versatility, unique sound 
and Jack's clever writing ability. Numerous fellow performers dig them for the same 
reasons - and so do a host of consumers, who (bless 'em) buy their records.

The title of this, Jack and Misty's first Mega album, calls your attention (cleverly, 
we suppose) to their "two sides" or specialties - ballads and novelties. On the 
ballad side, perhaps you will recall their success with "You Got Your Troubles I 
Got Mine". In this collection we have included more recent successes such as
"Somewhere In Virginia In The Rain" and "There Must Be More To Life (than 
Growing Old)". And for Jack and Misty aficionados who fondly remember their 
"Tennessee Bird Walk" and "Humphrey The Camel" hits we have programmed a complete
album side of newer novelties.

But first, read what some of radio's top performers are saying about Jack and Misty 
these days........

"We ask but one question: Can a Buffalo couple that raves and rants about camels, 
sap-suckers, old fire hydrants and Tennessee fowl that are lacking some guidance 
find true happiness Somewhere in Virginia in the Rain? For the answer, open up this 
package and find the surprise!"
		Jerry Adams, WWOL Radio, Buffalo, N.Y.

"Jack Blanchard is weird... he digs camels and fire hydrants. Misty Morgan is 
beautiful... she sings like a canary and digs Jack. Bill Alexander is a disk jockey... 
he plays their records and digs Misty. Is there no justice in this world?"
		Bill Alexander, WAME Radio, Charlotte, N.C.

"Perhaps the most unique blending of talent and voices in the business today."
		Bill Bailey, KIKK Radio, Houston, Texas

"Jack Blanchard must have one of the strangest minds in the world... strange in a 
complimentary way. His thought processes and writings are one-of-a-kind. Misty Morgan 
must be equally unique... to so easily combine her fine talents with Jack's.
At this point, there's no doubt... the combination is a true WINNER!"
		Dick Clark, Network TV Personality and Producer, Los Angeles, Calif.

"I thought to myself what can I say on this album liner to truly describe the 
talents of this dynamic duo... these two very real people? And self quickly 
answered all the buyer need do is what you did... LISTEN. And self was right! Now,
I feel certain that you, as you listen, will become almost as big a fan of Misty 
and Jack as I am!"
		Clay Daniels, WHOO Radio, Orlando, Fla.

"It is unfair and should be illegal for two people to be as multi-talented as 
Jack and Misty. They write, they sing, they are excellent performers... and for 
all I know, tap dance and do card tricks at parties. If you don't like 'THE TWO 
SIDES OF JACK AND MISTY,' then you probably have two heads and a mastoid in all 
four ears! I wish I had four ears then I could hear twice as much at a time.
So let's you and I get all four ears together and crank up the speakers and enjoy 
'both sides' of Jack and Misty, a MEGA ton of fun."
		Charlie Douglas, WWL Radio, Way Down Yonder in New Orleans

"Jack and Misty have developed a sound that will ultimately bring them many hits. 
I am not a musician, so I can't tell you what they are doing. I only know that I 
like it. I might add that it has warm appeal and you will find much evidence of 
same in this album."
		Ralph Emery, WSM Radio & TV, Nashville, Tenn.

"Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan--two unique talents that are fast becoming a 
Country Music institution."
		Johnny Gray, WYDE Radio, Birmingham, Ala.

"Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan are living examples of the new sound and look in 
country music. They dress mod and Jack's got a head of hair I'm sure many girls 
would be jealous of. But they're country! The songs they write and sing have
humor and 'tell it like it is' quality that is country music. 'There Must 
Be More To Life Than Growing Old' has to be one of the greatest set of lyrics 
written by anyone. I dig these people!"
		Mike Hoyer, KWMT Radio, Fort Dodge, Iowa

"Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan have been, to say the least, phenomenal from the 
very outset of their recording career. They have the unique ability to provoke 
uproarious laughter one minute with lament to a 'Fire Plug' and soul searching
thought the next with Blanchard-written material like 'There Must Be More to Life 
Than Growing Old.' Jack and Misty are now at the beginning of a great career and 
the only direction for their talent is straight up."
		Bob Hudson, WQYK Radio, Tampa, Fla.

"I am happy they are now recognized as great serious performers as well as great 
novelty performers."
		Chris Lane, Programming db, Hollywood, Calif.

"If I were in a phone booth Somewhere in Virginia in the Rain, I would want Misty 
Morgan on the other end of the line! What can you say about Jack Blanchard... 
the Velvet Saw? Listen and you'll love them!"
		Davie Lee, WIL Radio, St. Louis, Mo.

"Jack and Misty are a must on this great album that displays the versatility 
of two tremendous talents."
		Bill Mack, WBAP Radio, Ft. Worth, Texas

"Always remember, a knocker never wins and a winner never knocks; and speaking of 
winners, just listen to Jack and Misty's brand new album... why it's like Chet 
Atkins and the Gretsch Guitar... they're really together!"
		Don Powell, KFDI Radio, Witchita, Kansas

"My first reaction to Blanchard and Morgan was... a country Sonny and Cher. Since 
then I've had good reason to change my mind. Without taking up half of the album 
liner with a lot of words, let me just say, they're good. Listen and see for
		Ron Rice, KBOX Radio, Dallas, Texas

"I first ran into Misty and Jack during an interview on our station several years 
ago and immediately became attached to them... absolutely TIED to Misty! Jack has 
a great talent for seeing everyday thing differently. When the two put these
insights together beautiful things happen... serious or funny... on stage or 
making records. They 'read' each other in a rare way. Oh, yes, Jack has promised 
that I can have custody of Misty if he is ever run over by a moon buggy."
		Bill Taylor, WDBO Radio, Orlando, Fla.

"Jack and Misty sat in my office one day playing two new sides. One was a ballad... 
their latest. I encouraged them to make it the 'A' side because it was time to show 
the world that there are more things to do than a 'Humphrey' or 'Birdwalk.'
They did. Their talent is obvious and obviously, too, 'There Must Be More To Life 
Than Growing Old.' Jack and Misty will have more out of life... in music... in 
writing... in just being together. They're tremendous people."
		William "Bill" Wheatley, Operations Mgr. WWOK, Miami; 
		   WAME, Charlotte; KERE, Denver
"The 'Tennessee Bird Walk' has brought as much success to Jack and Misty as the 
Boardwalk to the famed Atlantic City. Trying to explain their unique sound is 
tantamount to flagging down a 747 with a candle, but one is well aware of that
uniqueness non-the-less as he listens and enjoys.  Gathered in these tiny micro 
grooves are some great examples of that unique talent and success in the first 
degree. Listen and enjoy, enjoy!!!"
		Dave Williams, WDEE Radio, Detroit, Mich.

Original liner notes 1972 Mega Records, Inc. All rights reserved.


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