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"Time Flies When You're Having Life"

Time flies when you're having life.
We've had a lot of good times, 
but I seem to remember the bad ones more clearly. 

It seems to go more slowly when we're younger. 
Now I get up, watch a couple of reruns, 
and the day is over. 

Misty remembers every detail 
of every experience we've ever had. 
How does she do that? 
It's weird. 

When she tells me about some of our adventures, 
it's like a bedtime story... 

Luckily, a lot of our life is recorded in photographs 
and in our music. 
It still kinda seems like somebody else. 

I'm enclosing a comparison picture here. 
It's called "Jack: Then and Now.". 
See it at this website: 

I can't help staring at the young me in the pictures 
with some kind of morbid curiosity. 
I compare him the the present me. 
The now me wins a few games, 
but not the series. 

I must admit I sort of envy that guy. 
I know he's in for a lot of hard knocks, 
and even some tragedy, 
but he has the time. 

I'm not planning on croaking right away or anything, 
but the young people do have more life expectancy. 
That doesn't thrill me at this point. 

You spend a bunch of decades learning stuff, 
and when you just about get it all right...time's up. 
That's not good planning. 

I object to this system. 
Who do you complain to? 
Is there an 800 number? 

Copyright  January 23, 2007 by Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved.
Reprinted by permission.


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