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"Those Oily Devils"

Misty said this: 
"The price of gas is so high, 
they're limiting their drive-by shootings." 

Some predict that the price of gas will go to around $3.00. 
My car will be a planter. 

As the price of gas goes up, 
so does the price of everything else. 
One reason is that everything on the store shelves 
got there on a truck, 
and trucks run on diesel fuel, which is oil. 
So do trains. 
But you knew that. 

Your electric bill goes up because they make power from oil, 
and the power companies keep an extra chunk for themselves, 
because it's become tradition. 

Are we easy marks or what? 
The oil companies are raking in record profits, 
and oil executives are taking home huge bonuses. 

They tell us it's because of China using gasoline, 
like that happened all at once. 
Do you believe that? 

There was a "gas shortage" back in the old twentieth century. 
Prices went sky high, 
and there were mile-long lines at the gas stations. 
They even lowered the speed limit on the Interstates 
from 65 or 70 down to 55. 
We were told not to use the air-conditioning in our cars, 
to conserve. 

During that oil crisis, 
if you had 10,000 gallons of gasoline you wanted to store, 
you couldn't do it. 
All the storage tanks at every port were full! 

It was just another scam 
to put the squeeze on the American public. 
You have to admire their creativity. 

To quote myself: 
"My only connection to big oil 
is the spot in my driveway." 

Copyright  August 21, 2005 by Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved.


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