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"Something To Tick Off Everybody"

I don't believe in holding back true feelings. 
It forms gas. 
Here are a few of my opinions, 
something to tick off everybody: 

Each ethnic group has a distinctive style 
of annoying other ethnic groups. 

All Republicans/Democrats are either evil or misled. 
(Check one or both.) 

I like cops to protect us, 
but I think a lot of them get into it for the power. 
If you think they did it just to serve, 
ask one to get you a cup of coffee. 

Show me a politician who has never done a dishonest thing, 
and I'll say that running for office is the first. 

In the 1920s they had Prohibition and crime flourished, 
people died or went blind from bad booze. 
Am I the only one who sees the parallel 
between Prohibition and the War on Drugs? 

Victimless crimes are not crimes. 

Nonviolent criminals should be let out early with a good talking to, 
making prison room for the violent ones. 
Each violent one should be told 
that all the other convicts are out to get him. 

Makers of prescription drugs 
should not be allowed to advertise to the public. 

The medical profession should be run by medical people, 
and even then, should be under suspicion. 

I am prejudiced against the ultra-rich. 
They should be forced to live in trailer parks. 

Police should not use stings or roadblocks. 
In America they should not just stop citizens, 
and then try and find out what they may be guilty of. 

Major label executives 
should be forced to listen to the stuff they sell, 
over and over. 
They just want to buy plastic for a dime and sell it for $16. 
They don't care what's on it. 

I love the internet. 

I hate the internet. 

Huge web pages should not disappear. 

I have actually seen UFOs. 

I still like Bill Clinton and PeeWee Herman. 

"Let the guy who is without sin pass the first stone." 
(A Misty Morgan Saying.) 

Copyright  November 11, 2002 by Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved.


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