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"Pirates On The High C's"

News items:

"Copyright holders praise proposed bill."

"Sen. Joseph Biden, D-Del., has introduced a bill that would expand
counterfeit laws to cover digital music and movies and make it 
illegal to replicate authentication measures on copyrighted materials."

* * *

If you believe that,
I have some nice Florida swampland to sell you.

This bill (S.B. 2395) is masquerading as "anti-pirate",
when the truth is,
the big corporate labels and publishers are the ultimate pirates.
They already have a monopoly on the music business.
Now they want 100% saturation.
They want a tighter stranglehold.

It favors the bigshot major labels and super- publishers
and will be of no benefit to the artists, songwriters, or independent labels.

The artists own nothing already,
due to tricky and complex "standard" contracts.
The big labels and publishers own it all.
They charge the artist for everything,
including their sister-in-law's nose job.

What it will do
is drive a whole lot of small stations off the air.
These are the ones that indie artists depend upon for airplay.

Once again the real creative people
stand to lose to big business.

Any ideas?

Copyright  May 8, 2002 by Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved.


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