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"My RealPlayer Hates Me"

I listen to music on the Internet, 
mostly because it's part of my job. 
We have a lot of songs out there, 
and I have to make sure the links are all working. 

There are a number of free music player available... 
Windows Media Player, Winamp, MM Player, Mp3 Pro Player, etc., 
and Real Player. 

My Real Player and I hate each other. 
I don't know how it started, 
but it always tries to get me mad. 

Sometimes it just sits and stares at me. 
Other times it'll play one song and not the next. 
Usually it will just go pure white...blank 
until I hit Alt+Cntrl+Delete to make it go away. 

I think it still has a grudge against me 
for downloading Winamp. 

Even though I have broadband DSL, 
government bonds mature while I wait for Real Player 
to load the song I'm trying to hear.. 

Everybody else gets to hear the music, 
and I wrote the damn songs! 

It nags at me to buy the DeLuxe version... 
like I'm going to pay for it when the free one doesn't work. 
It thinks I'm stupid. 

I wish I could reach into my computer 
and yank it out by the neck, 
but it would probably just give me that mocking smile 
as I strangled it. 

Still, I think I would feel better. 

Copyright  August 3, 2005 by Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved.


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