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"Music Keeps Me Young"

I know we get a weekly TV Guide every couple of days.
That proves that time is speeding up,
and yet I stay pretty much the same.

Once upon a time when life was simpler,
when good and evil were more clearly defined,
and everybody just knew they were on the right side,
there were no Walkmans and Ipods.
You couldn't carry your recorded music around with you
and people got old sooner then,
in spite of natural foods, clean air, and pure water.
(Look at your family album.)
Less music...faster aging. 
Coincidence? I think not.

I don't care for some of today's kids' music,
but it's everywhere and you can't help but hear some of it.
The more hip-hop I hear, the baggier my pants seem to get.
This could mean nothing, but let's keep an open mind.

Music is everywhere today.
My doctor's office plays continuous New Age music,
to keep the waiting patients from becoming impatient.
Yawn! It's like Kenny G on Valium.

Military music makes ordinarily sane people want to march out and kill something.
Rap makes some listeners want to go out and mug something.
Lawrence Welk makes some folks bounce around a dance floor,
play bingo, and eat supper at 4PM.
Doo-wop music makes people watch PBS.

I like Country, Big Band, Blues, and Jazz.
They make me feel almost alive.
When I hear a good song, I feel like writing a good song.

My point, if I ever gain on it, is this:
Music is a vitamin, or maybe a drug, taken through the ear.
It's so good for you that they'll probably ban it.

Humans are living longer now,
even with worse food, and contaminated air and water.
It has to be all the music that's keeping us young.

Copyright  Jan. 11, 2008 Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved.
Reprinted by permission.


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