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"More On The Homeless"

Yesterday I wrote this: 

"I just heard on the Channel Nine News 
that homeless people will be arrested for sitting on the Orlando sidewalks. 

I think we need to get them some chairs." 
     *     *     * 

Today I got a number of encouraging responses. 
Several of them asked questions like this: 

"Well, Jack, I guess if they get arrested, they will be better off. 
At least they will have a roof over their heads, food and drink, 
and a place to sit inside. 
What do ya think?" 
     *     *     * 

It's an honest question. 
Here's my answer: 

I don't know. 

Many of our homeless people here work jobs, 
but can never come up with enough cash for a place to live. 
Orlando is a resort area, and housing is not cheap. 

I've been in jail, and I've been on the street. 
I prefer the street.

Copyright  August 5, 2002 by Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved.


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