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"Misty's Radar"

I mentioned the other day 
how my wife doesn't listen to the words you put together... 
She just hears what you really mean. 
She gets vibes. 

Being a lifelong entertainer, 
she knows Body English. 
She reads your gestures and expressions. 
If you avoid eye contact when talking to her, 
her radar sends up a red flag. 

Being a more logical person, 
I've always been fascinated by her intuitive slant on things. 

Her strong opinions are based mostly on feelings.. 
a sort of ESP. 
I didn't take these seriously in the beginning, 
but I began to notice that she was right at least as much as I was, 
maybe more. 

She seems to take mental shortcuts, 
bypassing conventional linear thought, 
but arriving at the correct destination ahead of you. 

Her music is like that. 
She can read a little music, 
but will not follow the written notes, 
and will never play a song the same way twice. 
She improvises on the spot, from feelings, 
or some inner computer not yet discovered by science. 

People are often surprised to find that she never acts "cool". 
She is wide open, friendly, 
and has a tendency to overtalk a little, 
giving away too much of herself. 
This makes her vulnerable, 
and easily hurt or angered. 
I don't know if I should let her read this. 

The opposite of me, 
she lives in the present a lot, 
and observes everything.. 
Opposites do attract. 

We arenít complete opposites. 
We have our music in common, 
and we're both very emotional, 
especially in the presence of good stories or music. 
We've even been known to cry 
at the end of Walker, Texas Ranger. 
Now that's ridiculous! 

I've learned over the years 
not to try to hide a criticism inside a joke, 
or cushion a negative remark with things like this: 
"I think you're doing a wonderful job, but..." 

Misty never hears anything before the "but". 

Copyright © October 19, 2005, Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved. 
Reprinted by permission. 


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