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"Other Voices: Minnie Pearl and Roni Stoneman"

(This from our DJ pal, Clay Daniels.) 

Roni Stoneman was at a benefit golf tournament in Nashville. 

If I remember right, Miss Minnie was one of the hosts 
and she was driving the Governor's wife around the course, 
introducing her to all the participants. 

When Minnie came upon Roni, 
she jumped out of the cart and hugged Roni, 
commenting that it had been quite a while since she had seen her. 

"Why, Roni, what have you been doing all these months?" Minnie asked. 
Roni replied, 
"Miss Minnie, I've been out in Hollywood making some porno movies!" 

That's the first and ONLY time I saw Minnie SPEECHLESS! 

     *     *     * 

Thanks, Clay. 

Copyright  October 14, 2002 by Clay Daniels. All rights reserved.


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