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"Lost In The Crowd"

I'm honored that so many stars have recorded or performed my songs, 
but the ones I'm most proud of are relatively unknown artists. 

The names you will probably recognize are: 
Buck Owens,  Englebert Humperdink, Lawrence Welk, 
Rolfe Harris, Dean Martin and The Golddiggers, 
Henry Mancini, The Ventures, Wilma Burgess, 
Des O'Connor, Tony Martin, Connie Eaton, 
Sheb Wooley, The Tennessee Guitars, 
The George Wright Orchestra, and Bob Hope, 
to name a few. 

Most of them did a good job. 
A few just phoned it in. 

A couple names that aren't household words 
are Mike Miller and Joel Mathis. 
Their renditions of my songs are the best of all. 

Joel was a friend from Valdosta Georgia. 
We lost Joel a few years ago, 
but his music is still with us. 

Mike Miller is our old pal, and former bandleader 
who lives and plays in Jacksonville, Florida, 
where he and his band draw big crowds. 

Misty and I have no financial interest in either of these artists, 
but we will keep on trying to get their music out to the world. 

If you haven't heard them yet, 
you're in for a treat. 

Mike Miller's rendition of my "Don't It Look Like Georgia" 
is beautiful. 

Joel Mathis' version of my "Little Orphan Annie" 
is a little gem. 

There is untapped talent out there 
that just gets lost in the crowd. 

Some people work to help the needy, 
others work to better the condition of animals. 
We admire them. 
It's just that we care about great artists 
who have been locked out by that Music Business Stone Wall. 

Copyright  July 24, 2005 by Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved.


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