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"Is Indie Music A Career Or An Expensive Hobby?"
I recently mentioned an upcoming indie event to a friend of mine 
who is in the music business. 
He laughed, and said this: 
“Those people are busy”. 

I said: 
“Hey, I’m one of THOSE people!” 
He was embarrassed, and looked for a way out. 

Are we just spinning our wheels? 
Are we creating a fantasy world of pretend charts and awards? 
without making a nickel, 
just to satisfy some need we have to be popular? 

Here’s my opinion (You knew I’d give it): 

First, Misty and I have made hundreds of new friends. 
I’m not talking about acquaintances, 
but FRIENDS, who would help you in a pinch. 

We’re selling a healthy number of CD’s through the internet. 

But, the main thing is: 
That’s important 
in a system where we’re locked out of the major markets. 

Our music is our life’s work. 
It’s not just a job, or a business. 

People who are wrapped up in a job or a business 
have no idea what we’re talking about. 
To them, it’s the “bottom line”. 
To them, it’s: 
Buy round pieces of plastic for a dime. 
and sell ‘em for $17. 
They don’t even care what’s on it. 

To us, it’s our art. 
We care what’s on it. 
We make music because it’s a gift we’ve been given. 
Our heart is in it, 
and we couldn’t stop if we wanted to. 

The world benefits from our efforts, 
even if they don’t know it yet. 

Indie music is the most honest art form in the world today. 
Posterity will remember us. 

And, who knows? 
This could be the start of something big! 

Copyright © May 5, 2002 by Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved.


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