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"Herk And The Devil"

“You rang”, said the Devil?
“That was fast”, said Herk Carlson.
“We aim to please”, said Satan. “What’s up?’
“I might be interested in selling my soul”, said Herk,
“or maybe just renting it out.”

“Make me an offer”, said the Devil.
“Well, I’ve had my eye on being a celebrity”.
“What field”, asked the Devil. “Show business?”
“Sort of”, said Herk. “I’d like to be pope."
“Sorry. We don’t do popes”, said the Devil.

“Could you make an exception”, asked Herk,
adding “My soul is in showroom condition. Hardly used.”
“You’d have to throw in something besides just your soul”, said the Devil...
“I’m up to my tail in souls. I may have to have a yard sale.”
“Hmmm”, said Herk. 

“I could get you into Congress”, said the Devil. “I have connections there.”
“If I only wanted to be a politician I wouldn’t need your help. No offense.”
“None taken”, said the Devil,
“but you’d be surprised how many politicians use our services.” 

“I’ll think it over”, said Herk.
“How about Governor of California, or even President”, asked the Devil?
“Very tempting”, said Herk.
“Hey, tempting is what I do”, said the Devil. 

“I have your number”, said Herk.
“And I have yours”, smiled the Devil, rather devilishly.
There’s no hurry”, said Herk, pretending he didn’t care about being president.
“We have all the time in the world. At least I do”, said the Devil,
vanishing in a burst of flame.

The Devil reappeared a moment later and said,
“Sorry about the fireworks. Old habits, you know.”
He picked up his briefcase, walked to the elevator,
and pushed the “Down” button.

Herk stood there thinking about who he would like to invade first.

Copyright © September 2, 2007 Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved.
Reprinted by permission.


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