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"Haiku. What's New?"

Haiku is a classic form of Japanese poetry 
dating back centuries. 

Haiku form is very strict, 
requiring exactly 17 syllables in 3 lines. 
The first and third lines are 5 syllables each, 
while the second line has 7 syllables. 

The subjects of haiku are often tiny details of nature, 
showing that "Life is in the details". 
Each poem usually has multiple meanings 
which the reader must find. 

Being short and meaningful 
it's hard to read just one, 
and many of us try to compose our own haiku poems. 

Here's mine: 

One rose petal falls, 
A drop of dew still on it. 
I could not care less. 

Copyright  2004 Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved.
Reprinted by permission.


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