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"Friends Talk Politics"

Yesterday I received a sleazy attack on Barack Obama
from one of my best friends.
I have several wonderful pals who are basically good people,
but have a malfunction in the political lobes of their brains.
I lost some of my saintliness, and fired back a red hot rebuttal.

Now I feel guilty
because this morning my buddy sent me a very nice email.
admitting his innocence in matters of government,
and asking me to explain why we favor Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton,
so that he can understand better, and vote more correctly.
Knowing that my friend is a far-right conservative republican,
I felt that it was admirable and difficult for him to open up his heart to me,
and I was sure it was not a trap.
The least I could do was try to help the poor guy.

Here's my sincere response:

"Hi *****.

"It's a beautiful sunny afternoon here in Florida...
a day when a person just can't try to be angry without giggling,
so... sorry about flying off the political handle last night.

"You are a conservative and we are liberals,
and that goes deep.
To us, 90% of the Republicans are basically evil rich power-mad villains,
whose goal it is to keep us poor folks down.
The other 10% are gullible people who live poor and vote rich.
No offense intended. Honest.

"We like Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton because
we feel they represent our best interests.
We like Obama a little more because he's cool headed, intelligent,
articulate, a clear thinker, and inspiring.
Most of his donations have been in smaller amounts from many individual Americans,
not from PACs, corporations or lobbyists.

"If all the Democrats in the world except us were dead,
we'd consider voting for John McCain,
because he's one of the Republican politicians we dislike the least.

"Every day we get positive and inspiring emails from the Democrats,
and vicious attacks on our candidates from the right wing.
Many are outright lies.
Our side doesn't do much of that dirty stuff.
We don't have a Rush Limbaugh, and I'm glad.
We're the good guys.

"I'm not capable of converting a conservative republican to sanity.
I don't have the time, talent, or inclination.
It would be a waste of time, and would annoy the republican.

"It's my hope that you vote for the most liberal republican you can find...
John McCain, Joe Lieberman, Ralph Nader, 
or Pat Paulsen, if he's available.

"I hope my response to your request for advice has been satisfying,
and that we can get back to just being friends... and to the music.

"Your friend regardless,

Copyright  March 5, 2008 Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved.
Reprinted by permission.


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