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"Epidemic Sickens Americans"

The Avian Flu isn't here yet, 
but the Gas Flu is. 
People are literally sick from it. 
Wealthy people seem to be immune. 

I know you don't believe that China is at fault... 
or Venezuela, or Hurricane Katrina. 
You're not that naive. 

The big oil companies have broken a new record... 
the highest profits of any corporations in history...ever. 
Maybe it's just a coincidence. 

The people who are sickest are those working for $6 an hour, 
and paying $3 a gallon for gas to get to work. 
Some of them actually don't have the money to buy a hybrid... 
or any car, 
or to move closer to work. 
Their options are disappearing. 

Their credit is just about maxed out 
from buying gas and groceries, 
and clothes for the kids. 
Wait till the big inflation sets in from the high fuel prices. 
Wait till Winter. 

The sacred "free market system", with no checks and balances, 
is a license to steal. 
Good business practice is to give the consumers less, 
and charge them more. 
Like less gas for more money. 
It's become tradition. 

No problem. 
Send them a credit card. 
Then you own them. 

They used to be called bond servants. 
It used to be called slavery. 

Copyright  May 8, 2006 by Jack Blanchard, Reprinted By Permission. 
All rights reserved.


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