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"Entertainers With Opinions"

There's a lot of static about Linda Ronstadt and Bonnie Raitt 
expressing their political thoughts briefly in public, 
but nothing much about the long political sermons 
published by Charlie Daniels and others. 

They are all entertainers, 
so I guess it depends upon which side they're on... 
or which side you're on. 

A person doesn't give up his civil rights 
when becoming an entertainer. 

If I were president I would expect criticism. 
It comes with the job. 
The president is not the flag. 

Most of our presidents have been strongly disliked by certain factions, 
and some have even been shot. 
Linda Ronstadt dedicating a song to an anti-Bush activist 
is small potatoes compared with what Lincoln got. 

Criticizing the government is an American right, 
and family pastime. 
It helps to keep them honest... 
well, at least a little less dishonest. 

Everybody in Iraq was afraid to criticize Hussein. 
Everybody in Germany was afraid to criticize Hitler. 
That should not be the case here. 

Freedom of speech is freedom of speech. 
Nothing less should be tolerated in America.

By the way, I have not written anything against the President. 
Iím just sticking up for Freedom of Speech. 
I also stick up for the Right to Bear Arms, 
even though I don't have a gun. 

Are you sure Iím allowed to say this? 

Copyright © 2004 Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved. Reprinted by permission.


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