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"Dummies Rule"

I never thought about age discrimination 
until a few years ago. 
I was too young and cool. 
Now that Iím beginning to grow up, 
itís starting to honk me off. 

Even back when we had our major label hits 
we had to dress like teenagers 
if we wanted to get any crossover airplay. 
The entertainment industry is even lovelier now. 

Our music is better than ever, 
but the weenie clothes donít work for me anymore. 
I wonder how Iíd look with my cap on backwards 
and wearing plumberís crack pants? 
Maybe with a corrective body stocking? 

Our advanced society caters to immature tastes 
(Translation: Stupidity), 
because itís a bigger market. 
Moí money! 

One complaint I have about the sacred Free Market System: 
It isn't based on producing better products anymore. 
Success goes to those who can make more money 
by giving the consumer less 
and charging more. 

The bottom line in todayís music business is this: 
If we can sell millions of recordings 
of a guy talking trash with a cheesy drum machine, 
who needs good musicians? 

Iím not saying we should bring back all the old music 
and outlaw the new, 
but there should be a little consideration 
for people over the mental age of twelve. 

What happens to art, music, literature, 
TV, radio, freedom, 
and all good things, 
when an ignorant majority rules? 

Big Greed Incorporated jumps on the bandwagon. 

Copyright © October 11, 2005 by Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved. 


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