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"Breast Implants. 2B Or Not 2B"

I was working at my computer, 
and Misty had a TV show on 
about celebrity breast implants. 

Most of the stars were unhappy with their implants, 
leaking, different sizes, and positioning. 
Many were having them removed. 

I tried to ignore the show, 
but the subject is interesting to me 
for reasons only a shrink could explain. 
Like a car chase. 

I don't like to see how they did all the special effects in action movies, 
and I don't like to hear about artificial hooters. 
It takes the magic away. 

I told our drummer about this program 
and he suggested they should get one on the back for dancing. 
He's an idiot. 

If it was me, 
I'd just get one first, 
and see if I liked it.

Copyright  November 9, 2002 by Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved.


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