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"Breaking Out"

My songs are bipolar... 
either way upbeat... 
often to the point of slapstick comedy, 
or way down in the dumps. 

I have tried to explain this to people who have asked, 
but I never got it quite right. 
Let me try again. 

I've been in some hopeless places, 
and humor was my defense against fear and depression. 
I guess that shows up in my funny material. 

When I write the real downers, 
Im mostly writing from personal experience, 
and Id like to think Im speaking for the people 
who are currently living in those little hells. 
Maybe my words can make them think about getting out. 

Sometimes we live in mind prisons that look real, 
but maybe we can break out 
if were not afraid to take a chance. 
Leaving the rut we're used to is seldom easy. 
Prisoners can get attached to their cells. 

Heres a song I wrote about a couple 
who are going through the pain of a big life change. 


(He sings) 
Second Tuesday in December, 
icy rain is falling down 
I took the bus out to the city line, 
and then I watched it turn around. 
Now as I walk down past the junkyard 
by the closed-up drive-in show 
I realize that really leaving 
is the only way I'll ever go. 

(She sings) 
It was the seventh of September, 
nineteen hundred sixty nine 
95 degrees and rising, 
we crossed the Pennsylvania line. 
We paid a judge our last ten dollars 
to bless us with his legal seal. 
I guess that putting love on paper 
doesn't always make it real 

Second Tuesday in December, 
icy rain is coming down. 
All the snow that's left from Monday 
lies gray and frozen on the ground 
It's hard to understand this feeling 
that a part of me is gone 
Second Tuesday in December... 
Looks like winter's coming on. 

Copyright  April 18, 2005, Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved. Reprinted by permission.
"Second Tuesday In December": Words and music by Jack Blanchard. 
Copyright  Jack Blanchard Songs (BMI). All rights reserved. Reprinted by permission.


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