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"All Applause, Please. No Boos."

These are my personal feelings,
and not meant as advice to anyone else, 
especially masochists. 

Personally, I avoid compilations or promo outfits
that send me bad reviews
or "thumbs down" DJ feedback. 
These may be good for you, but not for me. 
Life is tough enough. 

If somebody somewhere doesn't think you stink, 
you're probably not really doing anything. 

I once fired a promotion man for sending me discouraging words. 
I'm too sensitive for that. 

All applause, please. 
No "boo's". 

Praise makes me better at my work. 
Negatives make me want to quit, 
or commit criticide. 

Copyright  September 6, 2002 by Jack Blanchard.


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