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"A Song Idea From The Funny Papers"


Little Orphan Annie, 
It really seems uncanny 
How your Daddy never seems to be in town. 
He'd really come in handy 
The way that you and Sandy 
Get in trouble every time you turn around. 

Little Orphan Annie, 
They'll have to get up early 
To beat your orange and curly hair. 
Those big round eyes, 
How they hypnotize me. 
Annie, just say "Hark!", and I'll be there. 

Sorcerers and wizards, 
Crocodiles and leapin' lizards: 
When they grab you in the middle of the night, 
It's fun to call on Punjab. 
He'll up and give 'em one jab, 
Then he'll run 'em off to jail, 
And that's all right. 

Little Orphan Annie, 
Although it seems unsanitary, 
That old red dress has brought you fame. 
Your eyes don't need no eyeballs, 
Your legs don't need no knees. 
I'm pleased to love you just the same. 

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Writer: Jack Blanchard (BMI) 
Artist: Joel Mathis. 
Produced by Jack & Misty 

Copyright  November 5, 2005 by Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved. 
Reprinted by permission. 


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