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"Not Exactly The Blues"

One of the side effects of depression, 
or being in a rut, or just plain boredom,
is sleeping a lot.

There are times in some of our lives
when there's not much motivation for leaping out of bed,
especially if we're alone,
and not nominated for an Oscar or anything.

It's been a long time since I was alone,
but I remember the feeling, or lack of feeling.
It's not exactly the blues,
but close.

I put it into a song.


Why Did I Sleep so Long?
Most of the day is gone.
I was havin’ a dream, but I don’t know the meaning…
Why Did I Sleep so Long?

There goes another day,
wasted and thrown away.
All of the lights are out… All of the shades are drawn.
Why Did I Sleep so Long?

If I only had someplace to go,
someone to see, someone to know…
If I only had someone to say
“Wake up, sleepyhead. You’re sleepin’ your life away.”

Why Did I Sleep so Long?
I could get up at dawn…
If I only had someone to go put the coffee on.
Why Did I Sleep so Long?

Hear the song here: 

Copyright © March 2, 2007 Jack Blanchard. All rights reserved.
Reprinted by permission.


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